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We also provide recreational and developmental activities for students such as  Sports Clubs and Societies and coordinate all of the major events on campus throughout the academic year. 

In addition to this, we provide services to students such as the  SU ShopSMUC Radio, NUS Extra Cards and the validation student Oyster cards.

Every time you spend money in the SU Shop, attend an event, or pay membership fees, you are reinvesting in your own student experience. 

Every penny that SMSU makes goes back into providing bigger events, more effective representation and better activities to ensure that you have the best possible time at University.

Each year, SMSU holds elections for the new  leaders of the organisation: the SU President, Vice-President Community and Vice-President Sports and Societies. Candidates must be students at the time of the SMSU Elections, which happen in February or March each year.

SMSU also holds elections for the Executive Committee (part-time voluntary positions) at the same time whose role it is to hold the full-time Officers to account

As you can see, when we say that SMSU is 'run by students, for students' we really mean it!

SMSU accessibility information

St Mary’s Students' Union (SMSU) is an independent not-for-profit organisation (charity no: 1150328).