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Joining a university sport club is the highlight of many students’ experiences. It can be a fantastic way to integrate into university life, meet new people, try a new sport or simply stay active! 

Our 24 student clubs are all unique in their own way, however your £185 club membership includes:  

  • Team entry and affiliation costs  
  • Transport and accommodation for competitions   
  • Referees and umpires for competitions  
  • Club coaching  
  • St Mary’s training and competition facilities  
  • Training equipment 
  • Personal accident insurance  
  • Club development guidance and support from the Sport Development Team  
  • Access to the Fitness & Conditioning Suite (expiring 31st May 2022)  
  • Access to our brand-new fitness class timetable (expiring 31st May 2022)  

Club memberships can be purchased online.

Purchase your membership

Club membership documentation 

When students purchase a club membership, they agree to the following documents: 

  • Student Sport Member Code of Conduct (coming soon)
  • Student Sport Health Declaration (coming soon)
  • Student Sport Membership Terms and Conditions (coming soon) 

As part of the support available to club committee members, our committee handbook brings together useful information that they will need to effectively carry out their roles. 

  • Student Sport Club Committee Handbook (coming soon)

How much is a St Mary’s University student sport club membership? 

For 2021/22, the total cost of joining a student sport club will be £185 for the academic year.   Your £185 includes: 

  • Team entry and affiliation costs 
  • Transport and accommodation for competitions  
  • Referees and umpires for competitions 
  • Club coaching 
  • St Mary’s training and competition facilities 
  • Training equipment 
  • Personal accident insurance 
  • Club development guidance and support from the Sport Development Team 
  • Access to the Fitness & Conditioning Suite (expiring 31 May 2022) 
  • Access to our brand-new fitness class timetable (expiring 31 May 2022) 

Once you are a paid member of any club, you can join an additional club for no further membership fee. This membership package provides exceptional value for money and offers students a wide range of opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity. 

Please note that some clubs may add additional top up fees to aid in specific club development projects. Some clubs may also require the purchase of playing kit (see question 2). 

Are there any additional fees outside of the student sport club membership? 

As part of a new approach to playing kit for 2021/22, the University has purchased Kukri playing kit for a number of clubs. Students will be required to pay a hiring fee that will contribute towards these costs. 

This approach will help to reduce the overall cost to students, ensures that playing kit is available before competitions commence and will allow us to free up some budget to be spent on projects that support club development. 

The process will be different for each club, and we aim to confirm the specific approach for each club as soon as possible. 

How do I purchase a St Mary’s University student sport club membership?

Student sport club memberships will be available from mid-September for the majority of clubs, however some clubs will hold trials prior to their memberships opening. 

Prior to purchasing any club membership, we would recommend that you attend the Fresher’s Fair on Thursday 23rd September to speak to our clubs and attend taster sessions.  

Shortly after this, memberships for all clubs will be available from our online sports booking and memberships page on the University website. More information will follow.

Prior to purchasing any club membership, we would advise that you attend the Fresher’s Fair on Thursday 23rd September to speak to our clubs and attend taster sessions.  

How do I join a second student sport club?

Once you have purchased your first club membership online, you should come to the sport centre reception where you can join other clubs at no additional cost. You may join up to a maximum of three clubs.

Will there be club trials?

The majority of our clubs are able to accept and invite as many students that wish to get involved. However, due to the popularity of certain sports, some clubs will hold trial sessions to determine which students they wish to invite to join their clubs. 

These are likely to include Football & Futsal (both Men’s and Women’s clubs), Netball and Rugby Union (Men’s). 

Specific information about the trial process, dates and locations will be confirmed in due course. We’d advise attending the Fresher’s Fair on Thursday 23rd September and speaking to the clubs directly. 

Is there an option to pay for my St Mary’s University student sport club membership in instalments? 

To help meet the running costs of the student clubs and to conform to BUCS eligibility criteria, all students will need to pay for their full membership by 1st October and as such, student sport club memberships cannot be paid in instalments. 

For any students that feel they cannot meet this cost, the Student Engagement Fund offers the opportunity to apply for up to £150 funding towards co-curricular activities, including student club memberships. 

As a St Mary’s student, can I use the Fitness and Conditioning facilities without a student sport club membership? 

To flexibly support a range of students to be healthy and active, we offer a selection of facility memberships to suit students’ needs, including pay as you go passes, monthly, academic year and full calendar year memberships. 

What if I have pre-existing F&C suite membership?  

All students with live memberships, (who would be returning to the University in September 2021) have automatically received a ‘summer holiday extension’. This meant that any lost days due to COVID-19 related closures which have not been used, will be extended into the 2021/22 academic year (September 2021). 

However, with the recent announcement of changes to the student sport programme and the need to start the new academic year off with a ‘clean slate’, we are now inviting all returning students, who have a live F&C membership, to claim a pro-rata refund for the days lost on their membership.  

To apply for a refund please complete the form by completing our refund form

Please note, we are unable to apply ‘credit’ from pre-existing F&C memberships to new student sport club or F&C suite membership for the 21/22 academic year. 

How do I purchase a club membership if I’ve already bought an F&C suite membership?

We would recommend that if you wish to join one of the student sport clubs that you purchase this membership as this includes access to the F&C Suite for the academic year.

If you have taken out your F&C Suite membership since 1st September and subsequently wish to join a student sport club, please come to the sport centre reception where we will be able to help you with this.

If you have purchased both an F&C Suite membership since and student club membership since 1st September, please contact

Current sport clubs

We're always excited to hear about any new clubs you'd like to form. For more information please contact Sport St Mary's.