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Team photo of the lacrosse club

Hi everyone! We are the St Mary's Lacrosse Team AKA The Stingrays!

For many of you, you may not know what lacrosse is. As a brief description it's a combination of hockey, rugby, and hurling and is the fastest moving sport played on two feet! Lacrosse is played in three formats (Men's, Women's, and Mixed), so there's absolutely something for everyone when they join.

As a club, we pride ourselves on the inclusive, friendly, and safe environment we provide. We all enjoy the competitive side of the club but I think it's safe to say that everyone's favourite part of being a Stingray is the social element. Whether it's going for a drink after training, a social on a Wednesday, or something as simple as bowling, we are always doing stuff together and enjoying each other's company!

Last year we had a pretty successful time. Here's just some of our achievements from last year:

  • hosting charity events throughout the year and raising over £2000 in total
  • Women's League and Conference Cup Champions 2022/23
  • Mixed League champions 2022/23
  • Men's Conference Cup Champions 2021/22
  • Being named 2023 Club of the Year and Most Charitable Club at Sports Awards.

If you're interested in trying a new sport and having an absolutely great year with us then find us on Instagram and drop us a message!

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