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St Mary’s EPC provides an endurance running programme and an environment that is known internationally as one of the best training setups in the world. The EPC has the following mission:

To provide an endurance performance environment that supports, challenges and develops elite runners, inspires beginners, fosters and tests talent and promotes excellence in the coaches who work with them.

St Mary’s provides a perfect environment for all standards of runner. Dedicated on-site accommodation, the Sir Mo Farah Athletics Track, a modern strength and conditioning facility and extensive running in nearby Bushy and Richmond Parks. Alongside this, runners can access world-class coaching and support services; expertise that has been developed since the programme started in 2001.

Whether you are a runner looking to combine academic study with athletic development or you are a full-time athlete, the St Mary’s EPC provides an exceptional and unparalleled experience. Come and be part of a world-class running setup that can help you realise your full potential.

Over the past decade St Mary’s has developed a growing reputation as one of the country’s top endurance venues with athletes such as Mo Farah, Andy Vernon and Beth Potter along with groups from Kenya, Australia, New Zealand and the US choosing to base themselves in the area.


The Endurance Performance Centre (EPC) offer a range of membership options.

  • Full or part-time SMU registered student
  • Paid member of the student Track & Field Club.
  • St Mary’s alumni who were previously EPC Student Athletes
  • Training partner for an EPC International Athlete or an EPC Student Athlete
  • An athlete that is coached by an EPC Coach
  • Subject to EPC Coach approval.
  • An athlete on the BA World Class Performance Plan
  • Senior international selection within the last four years
  • Subject to EPC Coach approval.
  • Provision of coaching licence
  • A Coach working with:
    - EPC Student Athlete
    - EPC Training Group Athlete
    - EPC International Athlete (800m and above)
  • Subject to EPC Coach approval and signing the EPC Coach Code of Conduct
  • Coaches are not permitted to charge any category of EPC athlete.

Terms and conditions

All members must read and follow our sports facilities regulations.

Code of conduct

All members must sign and abide by the EPC Athlete Code of Conduct.

Membership costs

Membership type Academic year (single payment) 12 months track only (single payment) 12 months gym and track (single payment) 12 months (single payment)
Student sport club membership TBD N/A N/A £30
EPC training group athlete N/A £75 £165 N/A
EPC international athlete (800m and above) N/A £0 N/A N/A
EPC affliliate coach N/A £0 N/A N/A


Find out more about EPC

EPC provides an endurance running programme and an environment that is known internationally as one of the best training setups in the world.

For more information about our EPC programme, please contact