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St Mary’s University is fully committed to creating an inclusive culture by promoting equality of opportunity and respecting difference amongst its staff, students and other stakeholders. 

The University has a long tradition of widening access to education for all, while fostering respect and mutual tolerance in society as a whole, in line with its mission and Catholic identity. Our equality, diversity and inclusion ambitions are complemented by the contemporary theological reflection recognising that each human being is unique and valued. 

We are proud that our University is a richly diverse community, where we draw on the talents of all our staff and students to create a culture of mutual respect and recognition, where we embrace and share new perspectives and where we believe in the power of education to transform lives. At St Mary’s we understand that our continued success is dependent on the contributions of every member of our community and it is this collective spirit which makes us unique. 

We aspire to go beyond our legal obligations and have looked to our Catholic ethos and our core values for inspiration when articulating our 2021/22 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Objectives. In particular our core value of Inclusiveness, which is integral to our Vision 2025, is at the heart of our approach to these Objectives. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture and community by promoting equality of opportunity and celebrating differences amongst our staff, students and other stakeholders. 

Overall responsibility for the Equality and Diversity Policy Statement and Code of Practice lies with the Board of Governors. Leadership for the implementation of the policy comes from the Vice-Chancellor and Senior Staff

All staff, students and visitors are expected to act in line with the University’s equality, diversity and inclusion aims and within the remit of the policy, taking responsibility for its successful implementation. 

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