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If you have experienced, seen, or been told about an incidence of bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, a hate crime, or anything similar, we recognise that this may be difficult for you and we would like to connect you to support using the ‘Support’ option. 

In order for us to fully understand and address incidences of misconduct in our community, we would also like these to be reported and so we have a number of ways for you to do this using the 'Report' option. 

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If you require emergency help, please call emergency services on 999 (or 112 from a mobile). If you're deaf or hard of hearing, you can text 999 if you're pre-registered with the emergency SMS service. If you need to register for this service, you can find information on how to do so here.  If you are on campus, you can also contact our 24/7 Security on 020 8240 4335 (4060 in emergencies).

For further information please refer to our Report and Support FAQs below and University Policies related to areas of equality, diversity, and inclusion 

To receive guidance on the definitions relating to bullying, harassment, hate incidents, and sexual misconduct, please refer to our definitions page

If you wish to report a safeguarding concern please refer to our safeguarding pages.

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Your report will be received by a member of staff in student services.

When making an anonymous report, you are providing the university with information on what incidents are happening that are impacting our university community. We collect this information for statistical purposes and to inform any university or student union campaigns.

 If you choose to report anonymously we will not ask you for any personally identifiable details, therefore will not be able to contact you to offer you any advice or support.

When you submit a report with your contact details the university is able to follow up on the information you provide. You will be asked as part of the form what follow up action you are requesting, whether that be to:

Make a formal report. Your reportwill be investigated under our internal disciplinary policies. If you select this option, you will be contacted by the appropriate staff from the student conduct team to take forward your report.


Access support.Your report will be passed to Student Services, who will contact you to find out more about the support you would like to receive which might include:

  • practical support regarding your studies/work/housing/finances
  • emotional or wellbeing support
  • information about relevant external organisations who can offer specialist support
  • Information about your reporting options e.g. making a formal report to the university, anonymous reporting or reporting to the police.

Please note that whilst the University will always consider the preferences you state as part of your report, where it is believed that there is a serious risk to yourself or others we may determine that action is required that has not been specifically requested.

Things you can report, but are not limited to:

  • Any incident of sexual misconduct (such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, or rape).
  • Hate incidents (including racism, homophobia and religious discrimination).
  • Harassment and bullying

Further information on the list above can be found on our definitions page

If you have experienced any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct from another student you may wish to report this formally to the university so that an investigation can be carried out by the Student Conduct team. This would be known as submitting a report through the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

The Student Disciplinary Procedure is set out to deal effectively with student discipline in a manner which is fair and appropriate to the behaviour involved.

Allegations or reports regarding student conduct may be brought to the University's attention by any member of staff or student(s) of the University or by third parties. Anonymous reports will not normally be accepted.

To begin a formal report regarding a conduct matter, complete a report with contact details form, or email with a written statement The Student Conduct team will then begin an investigation leading to appropriate disciplinary action, and signpost you to support if needed.

For specific information on the procedures carried out in relation to misdemeanours, misconduct, and gross misconduct, and examples of misconduct and possible sanctions, please read the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

If you have a complaint about other issues at St Mary's, such as the level of service you have received, the facilities, or about a staff member or student not relating to conduct, you will need to do this through the Student Complaints Procedure.

Any St Mary’s student can submit a ‘report with contact details’ form. Any student or staff member can submit an anonymous report.

Yes, if you have witnessed an incident or have been told about something that happened to another member of the university community, you can make a report on their behalf.  This can either be done anonymously or with contact details. Alternatively, you can discuss your concerns with Student Services for further advice.

Please note that if you report on behalf of someone else, we will not be able to discuss any of their personal details or their case with you.

For further information about supporting others. Please visit our supporting others page.

Yes, you can contact student services directly to access support or discuss your reporting options. Email, phone on 020 8240 2359/8238 or visit us in J building (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

If you are interested in submitting a formal report to the university, you can contact the student conduct team directly by emailing

The SU advice service can provide advice and guidance and help you access internal or external support. The service is free, confidential and completely independent from the university. Email

Reports with contact details will be seen by dedicated staff in student Services if the student indicates they would like more information or a conversation regarding support available. Registry staff will see the report if the student would like the incident to be formally investigated by the university. If students indicate that they would like to do both then staff from both teams will see the form.

Anonymous reports are seen by dedicated staff in Student Services.

The information you provide will remain confidential, with the exception* of when we have a significant concern about your or somebody else's safety. If we do have concerns for your or somebody else's safety, confidentiality may be broken. If the need ever arises for confidentiality to be broken, where appropriate, every attempt will be made to discuss this with you beforehand.

*Exceptions may include:

  • If a student is considered to be at serious risk of harm to themselves or others
  • Where a disclosure is required or allowed by law, e.g. the prevention of terrorism or treason or any other serious criminal offence or to fulfil statutory
  • If the student poses a risk to the university
  • If the incident described puts other members of the St Mary's community at risk.


When requesting support, you can specify in the free text box if you would prefer to meet with either a male or female member of staff and the reasons for this. We will do our best to facilitate this request, however this cannot be guaranteed.

These forms should be completed by the student/s involved directly, however if you have any questions on how to complete the form, or need assistance, please contact our Student Life team who will be able to advise. For support, email

The Student Union’s advice service can also support you with making a report. The advice service is completely independent from the university. For support, email

The anonymous reporting form can be completed by anyone.

If you report anonymously you will not be contacted. If you report with contact details, you will be contacted by a member of staff within 72 hours (excluding university closure days) from submitting the form.