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We offer a wide range of online postgraduate degrees, covering a number of subjects.

If you choose to study a distance or blended learning degree programme, your studies will be supported by our online learning platform, Moodle, where you'll be able to access resources and assessments.

Classes are run in the form of live webinars via Zoom and pre-recorded lecutres that are made available through our virtual learning platform.

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Online learning: what are my options?

Distance learning

Distance learning is often known as online learning. You can study a distance learning degree from the comfort of your own home, rather than travelling to university. 

This is often popular with international students because it means they can study the perfect degree for them, even if they aren't able to travel to the other side of the world!

Distance learning degrees are also ideal for anyone with prior work or personal commitments that mean they may not be able to attend face-to-face sessions.

Blended learning

Blended learning is a combination of online and the face-to-face learning.

A blended learning degree will have scheduled sessions that you will need to attend on campus, but much of the course will be online.


Why study an online master's degree?

  1. You can fit your studies around work or personal commitments.
  2. You'll save money.
  3. With no need to worry about travel - you can choose to study at any university from around the world!

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Online learning: your questions answered

There's a lot to research when searching for your perfect degree. Understanding exactly what distance learning degrees are will help you make an informed choice as to whether you'd rather study online or face-to-face.

How does distance learning work?

For distance learning courses, your teaching will all be online. Much of this will be through live and pre-recorded lecturers, but the course will also use online learning platforms to provide access to resources and your assignments. 

Can I study for a degree from home?

One of the biggest advantages to online degrees compared to face-to-face teaching is that you can from anywhere and often at any time. This could be at home, a local library, a nearby coffee shop, your work, or any other environment that you think will be suit your learning style.

Are online degrees respected?

Absolutely. An online degree is no different to a degree achieved through face-to-face teaching. You'll receive the same certificate as campus-based students, awarded by the same degree-awarding institution.

Some people may be understandably unsettled about online 'degree mills', but this is not a cause of concern about if you're applying to a well-established university, such as St Mary's. Find out how to spot a degree/diploma mill.

What online degrees are available?

We offer courses in a variety of subjects through online learning. Some of these subjects include:

  • education
  • public health
  • sport science
  • theology.