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Improving this website for parents/supporters

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At St Mary’s we understand that the process of applying for higher education can be a daunting one for students and parents alike.

With an increase in the number of students applying to go on to higher education there are large numbers of parents and carers who are themselves going through the process for the first time.

Balancing wanting the best for your son or daughter and knowing exactly at what level to get involved in the decision process is sometimes difficult for parents. Some parents may feel very unfamiliar with the whole process, while others may be tempted to try and take over proceedings to make sure everything is organised.

It is certainly helpful to be in a position where you are aware of the facts, such as when deadlines are being set by schools or colleges, and to be able to offer support if an when it is required. We have put together a timeline of application deadlines which you may find helpful.

Life at St Mary’s

St Mary’s is a welcoming and friendly community where academic success and social development are the core aspects of the higher education career of all our students. We understand that the journey through higher education is often one of discovery for young people; discovering their own identity as a young adult and a member of a wider community is an important skill, and one that we are enthusiastic to nurture.

When our students arrive at the University for their first semester of study they are treated as young independent adult learners with a responsibility for their own choices. Our academic and support services staff will always encourage students to achieve their best in both academic and social development, however we do try to remind our students that they must also discover a responsibility and maintain an awareness for those around them.

More information about facilities and support at St Mary's can be found within the Student Life webpages.

Life at home

We also understand that when your son or daughter starts at St Mary's, it can be a shock to your system. Try to prepare yourself for when your child leaves home by thinking about what you can fill the extra time with. Often parents find themselves taking up a new hobby or attending a course they've been interested in, although many also opt to spend the spare time with friends!