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What is study abroad?

Please note: If you’re a current St Mary’s student, please sign up for the Study Abroad newsletter to find out about programmes and information sessions. 

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to travel, in some cases learn a language, get to know a different culture, increase your employability, make friends from around the world, and develop yourself personally, academically and professionally. 

  • By studying abroad you won’t add any time to your degree
  • You are still eligible for Student Finance funding throughout your exchange
  • Tuition fees will remain the same and be paid as normal to St Mary’s
  • You will still be registered at St Mary’s and will receive full support from St Mary’s whilst you are away
  • Credit earned during a semester abroad will be transferred back to your degree at St Mary’s
  • When you return from Studying Abroad, careers sessions will be put on to run through how you can utilise your Study Abroad experience to benefit you in the future.

The Study Abroad programme on offer at St Mary’s University is available for first year students to apply and the programme commences for a full semester in either semester one or two of second year.

Where can I study abroad?

We have partner institutions in the US and Australia through the St Mary’s worldwide programme and in Europe through the Erasmus + programme where St Mary’s students can spend a full semester.

We have a growing number of summer school opportunities.

How to apply

For information on how to apply, please check SIMMSpace.