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Formal Reporting

If you have experienced any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct from another student you may wish to report this formally to the university so that an investigation can be carried out by the Student Conduct team. This would be known as submitting a report through the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

If you have a complaint about other issues at St Mary's, such as the level of service you have received, the facilities, or about a staff member or student not relating to conduct, you would need to do this through the Student Complaints Procedure. 

You can do this by emailing the Conduct Team on who would also be happy to answer any questions you have in the first instance or by completing a report with contact details.

Submit a report with contact details

Before submitting a formal report to the university, it is important to read the relevant procedure fully. 

The Student Disciplinary Procedure is set out to deal effectively with student discipline in a manner which is fair and appropriate to the behaviour involved. 

Allegations or reports regarding student conduct may be brought to the University's attention by any member of staff or student(s) of the University or by third parties. Anonymous reports will not normally be accepted.

To begin a formal report regarding a conduct matter, please email with a written statement, or complete a report with contact details form. The Student Conduct team will then begin an investigation leading to appropriate disciplinary action, and signpost you to support if needed.

For specific information on the procedures carried out in relation to misdemeanours, misconduct, and gross misconduct, and examples of misconduct and possible sanctions, please read the Student Disciplinary Procedure

Any registered student may bring a complaint under the Student Complaints Procedure. A former student may also bring a complaint under this procedure within 90 days after occurrence of the matters complained about, but only if the complaint could not reasonably have been brought while he or she was a registered student.

You can only make a complaint on your own behalf. Third party and anonymous complaints will not be accepted. However, students may raise complaints jointly.

St Mary’s University is committed to the early resolution of complaints wherever possible. In the first instance, you must seek to resolve complaints through an appropriate member of staff (for example, your Programme Lead, Personal Tutor, Resident Mentor in a Hall of Residence, Head of Department or Service, Associate Dean for Student Experience, Student Services, etc.) 

Further information on making a formal complaint to the university, including FAQs, can be found here. 


Find out about all your reporting options.  

You can find out what support is available to you by visiting our support pages.