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Squad photos for the Netball team

St Marys Netball Club (SimmsNC) is a club dedicated to supporting all of its athletes in their sporting journeys.

We take great pride in the work that goes into the club on and off the court and are very proud of all the netballing achievements so far. We work hard in supporting the girls further than netball at university, with many of them playing for club teams, competing within Regional and Prem teams as well as girls playing in the National Performance League (NPL) for the Surrey Storm and London Pulse Franchises.

We are the largest female club at the University with 6 teams overall, covering a diverse group of players, varying in levels of ability, age, and experience. We have 4 BUCS teams who play competitively throughout the year competing against teams across South Eastern region as well as 2 LUSL teams for individuals who wish to develop their skills, play socially and to keep fit. In the previous competitive league the first team dominated their tier having won both the league and cup making them undefeated the whole season, and have now been promoted to tier 1 for the upcoming BUCS league.

We take pride in our reputation and post frequently on social media to update and inform our followers about new events and social interactions, hosting themed socials every other week. This creates a friendly/inclusive environment bringing all the teams together. We also regularly partake in fundraising and charity events throughout the year to support amazing charities, even during lockdown managed to raise money for Alzheimer’s UK while we were all at home! Events like this help to bring all the girls together for such important causes.

Overall our club is a fantastic way to make friends and be involved in sport whilst at uni!

Group photo of all the Netball teams

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