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Coronavirus guidance for international students

There are currently no coronavirus restrictions for people entering England. This is true for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers. Please check with your travel provider to see what their testing rules are. If you have to go through another country to get to England, remember to check their requirements too.

You can find more details in the Government’s guidance on entering the UK, which is updated regularly.

Further information

There are no coronavirus restrictions on travellers entering England. If you do have any visitors and you’re living on campus, please remember that you’re not allowed overnight guests in halls.

Yes, international students living in England are eligible for the National Health Service (NHS) coronavirus vaccination programme. Please see the NHS website for details. The vaccine programme is free. If you receive your vaccinations in the UK, you can demonstrate your vaccination status using the NHS Covid Pass.

You need to be registered with a doctor (known in the UK as a GP) to book your vaccine appointments. If you haven't yet registered with a GP, our guidance will help you through the process. 

There’s no current requirement for travellers to have the COVID-19 vaccine to enter England. St Mary’s doesn’t require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enrol. The UK has very high vaccination rates, however, and we encourage our students to make use of the free vaccines that are easily available through the NHS.

One of the benefits of studying in a global travel hub like London is the ease of exploring other countries. The UK Government’s foreign travel advice is an excellent source of information about coronavirus requirements in other places, as well as other safety and immigration questions you may have.