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Computer Replacement Policy

Updated Guidance on Computer Procurement

To provide increased flexibility for staff, St Mary’s are now replacing end of life equipment with laptops, with docking station and screen, rather than a desktop computer, as laptops can be used at home, on the move, or in the office, and come with built in webcams, microphones and speakers. Staff PCs and laptops continue to be replaced on a 5 year rolling cycle and, when replaced in this way, are centrally funded. However budget for computers is limited and hence spend must be prioritised towards the greatest need. Below is detailed guidance on the criteria for central funding and the situations where equipment will need to be funded locally.

Centrally funded equipment 

  1. Computers that are over 5 years old, whether desktop or laptop
  2. Computers for new members of staff in a new position, where the new role is in addition to existing headcount (see below for how equipment for replacement staff are funded)
  3. Laptop for staff formally moving (approved by HR and HoD) to fully offsite working or hybrid working who currently have a desktop machine

Non-centrally funded equipment

  1. Computers that are less than 5 year old, whether desktop or laptop
  2. Computers for new staff that are replacing an existing role or where there is no additional headcount (eg due to reorganisation) where existing equipment is less than 5 years old Note: new staff appointed to existing roles will be assigned the equipment of the previous role holder by default.   
  3. Laptop required in addition to a desktop machine that is not yet due for replacement 
  4. Costs above standard equipment bundle costs for any new laptop or desktop where specification required is above the standard equipment bundle.
  5. Laptops for project funded staff. These should be funded by the respective project.
  6. Laptops for non-permanent staff (HPAs, casual staff Ambassadors, Interim etc).
  7. Equipment for staff who work at occasionally at home but have not moved formally to offsite or hybrid working.