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The Centre has hosted an annual conference on Law and Culture since 2014, held at the beginning of September.



Date: Monday 5th - Tuesday 6th September 2016
Venue: St Mary's University

Developments in International Criminal Law and Cross-border Crime

Despite significant international developments in the legal response to crimes against international law and cross-border crime, with the creation of the International Criminal Court and initiatives for legal co-operation in policing and provision of information, there remain problems in the effective prosecution of serious criminal offences on an international or cross-border nature. Heads of state and government officials seemingly remain immune from prosecution for the worst atrocities and organised crime groups and terrorists continue to exploit gaps in international legal networks.

The Centre for Law and culture's public lecture series for 2015/16 invites experts in these fields to present an overview of issues arising in this area in an accessible way. The lectures are open to all (students and staff from all universities and the general public). The lectures will last approximately 40 minutes and there will be time for questions and comments.

For further information on the lectures or to be added to an email list for this series of lectures, please contact mark.mackarel@stmarys.ac.uk.

Conferences and Symposia


Pioneers: Those who tried and "failed" and the quasi-lawyers

Date: Thursday 30th June 2016
Venue: St Mary's University