When you come to St Mary’s you are welcomed into a unique community, and students have the support of the St Mary’s Students’ Union. The University is renowned for its sense of community and the Students’ Union plays a big part in that.

Your Students’ Union (SU) has a number of roles. It provides a formal representative structure to allow students to air their views about their university experience and to input those views direct to the St Mary's authorities through its board and committee structure. 

The SU also adds value to your student experience by providing extra-curricular learning, cultural and social activities through its sports clubs, cultural societies and events and activities

It creates a hub for our student community where you can socialise in the SU bar and hall on campus in a contained and safe way - a place where friendships are made and important networks are formed, allowing students to support each other through their university years and beyond.

You are represented by the Students’ Union President and the Athletics Union President, who are elected by the students to work for them as full time sabbatical officers, ensuring the Union is responding to students' needs and demands, and providing the kind of SU service you deserve.

Having been students themselves, this helps them to share their experiences, to be responsible for St Mary’s students and help create a great experience for all.