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Single Honours Degrees

Some subjects can be studied as a Single Honours degree, but you study two subjects in the first year. You choose your second subject when you have been offered a place from the wide range we have on offer. Later, you concentrate only on your main subject, although you may take an additional subject in your second year (see the Single Honours diagram below).


Single Honours Degrees Graph

Joint Honours Degrees

Most of our subjects can be combined to form a joint degree. This allows you to study two subjects with varying degrees of specialisation. You study subjects equally, e.g. Sociology and English, or study one as a major subject in more depth than the other which is your minor subject.

An example could be, Sociology with English where Sociology is the major and English is the minor (see the Joint Honours diagram below). For Joint Honours subjects, students can choose to Major / Minor or equal at the end of their second year. This allows plenty of time and flexibility to choose.


Single Honours Degrees Graph

Choice of Subject

On the diagrams you will see ‘Choice of subject’. This means that you may choose more modules from your main subjects or from a range of modules from other programmes in the University.

Changing Your Mind

Sometimes students find that they want to change their subject during their programme. For example, some continue with their second subject when they originally applied for a Single Honours degree, and some change the balance of subjects in their joint degree. You will get advice about your choices throughout the programme and we try to accommodate changes whenever possible.