Visiting St Mary's after you've applied

These visit days cater for prospective students who have made St Mary’s one of their five choices on their UCAS form and have subsequently been made an offer.

Please note: These events are for post-application students only. Pre-application students should see our Undergraduate Open Events webpage.

Post-Application Visit Days for 2015 entry have now passed. If you have any questions or would like to have a tour of our campus, please contact the Recruitment Team who will be happy to help.

Tel: 020 8240 2314

What you can experience on the day

For many prospective students this will be your second visit to St Mary’s, as most of you will have already attended a pre-application open event during which you will have received an introduction to the University.

The post-application visit days have a more specific focus on what you can expect from St Mary’s if you start your studies here in September. The days often include taster sessions, question and answer sessions, and more in-depth talks on areas such as student welfare and pastoral care. You will also receive a campus tour and separate accommodation tour for a better insight into campus living before making your accommodation choices.