Joint Honours Programmes

Please select from the programmes below to see all available Joint Honours combinations and related course codes:

Business Law

Business Management

Creative and Professional Writing

Education and Social Science


Film and Screen Media

Health and Exercise Science


Media Arts



Physical and Sport Education



Sport Science

Theology and Religious Studies




*If you wish to follow the BPS accredited route, you will need to major in Psychology and minor in your other subject. If you do not wish to follow the accredited route, there is no restriction.

How Joint Honours works

The programmes listed above can be combined to form a joint degree, this allows you to study two subjects with varying degrees of specialisation. You can either study subjects equally, e.g. Media Arts and English, or study one as a major subject in more depth than the other, your minor subject.

For Joint Honours subjects, students can decided whether they want to Major and Minor at the end of their second year. This allows plenty of time and flexibility to choose.

Joint Honours infographic

Although most programmes can be studied as a Single Honours degree, some require you study two subjects in the first year. Students choose their second subject once they have been offered a place. After their first year, students can concentrate solely on their main programme, although they may continue with both should they wish to graduate with Joint Honours.

Sometimes students find that they want to change subject during their programme. For example, some continue with their second subject when they originally applied for a Single Honours degree, and some change the balance of programmes in their joint degree. You will get advice about your choices throughout the programme and we try to accommodate changes whenever possible.

A Student View

Alexandra Ncube, Business Law and Film and Screen Media

"I decided to study a joint honours degree because I had an interest in both law and film studies and St Mary's gave me the opportunity to study both. The module choices in each subject fascinated me this course bolstered my knowledge of two very different academic areas.

"St Mary's gives students an unmatched level of support and guidance - I received an immeasurable amount of support from the academic staff. They were keen advisers and continue to be encouraging mentors who never fail to provide assistance.

"The University is unique in that students are able to be in an environment that both challenges and inspires them academically."