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Our engagement strategy

Strategic aim

We aim to raise the profile of St Mary's at a national and global level as a University with an active role in the 'public square', contributing to the national conversation and helping to shape public policy.

As a Catholic University in one of the world's most diverse cities, we pride ourselves on being distinctive by fostering a powerful sense of community and adopting a holistic approach to public policy debate. This gives us a unique perspective to bring to national debate and to international issues. Capitalising on our fine reputation in education and sport, St Mary's is now projecting its voice much further to become known nationally and internationally for our brand and distinctiveness.

We are changing our image in the minds of opinion formers and thought leaders who have in the past had a limited awareness of St Mary's. Making the St Mary's brand better known will enable us to attract students, high-quality staff and discriminating employers who want to employ our graduates.

By focusing our energy, we can maximise our impact on public debate. Particular areas of focus 
will be sport and sports science, business and management ethics, education, communications, public and social policy, drama, finance, law, theology and the arts.

We are reinforcing our engagement with schools, arts and cultural bodies, faith and volunteer groups, NGOs, and government at both local and national level. Of crucial importance to all our students, we are growing our University wide engagement with business. We aim to improve rapidly our standing among UK universities by our strategy of institutional advancement, research, education and enterprise.

Internationally our position is unique among UK universities as we sit amidst global networks which straddle faith, nationality and ethnicity. We already contribute to policy formation at the local, national and global level through public policy engagement and international diplomacy. 
To achieve this we will be exploiting our London location to the full.

Key objectives

  • Set up a fully functioning Development and Alumni Office and import best practice from the leading universities in this field
  • Secure the use of a central London location for public events, teaching, and continuous professional development
  • Generate comment and reports to support the work of opinion formers
  • Develop our Enterprise Hub to stimulate innovation, diversify income and engage with local government and business partners
  • Open a new Employability Hub for workplace learning and careers
  • Start a Business and Management School
  • Implement a University-wide research and scholarship strategy and programme