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Getting ready to study at St Mary's

Before you begin at St Mary’s in September, there's a few things that you'll need to do.

For some of you this might be your first time living away from home, and even if your aren’t going to be living in halls there's still lots to get used to. But never fear - we're here to help!

Know where you’re living

If you're planning to live on campus you'll need to apply to stay in our halls of residence. Applications normally open towards the end of May. More information about the application process is available in our accommodation section.

We offer a variety of rooms including, single, en suite and twin rooms. Make sure you know you’re preferences before applying.

Many students decide to live in private accommodation off campus. Our website includes lots of information about off-campus accommodation and we have a dedicated Facebook group for finding potential flatmates.

Tuition fees

Make sure to apply for Student Finance at the earliest possible opportunity. Leaving it too late to apply could mean your first instalment doesn't come in until after your studies begin.


We offer several different scholarships to a variety of students. You can apply for a scholarship online via our website.

Settling in: your first week on campus

When you arrive on campus, the first thing you'll do is complete the registration process. Your registration date will depend on whether you're staying in halls of residence. Dates will be announced closer to September.

Course activities

During your first week there'll be a programme course-specific induction activities.

You’ll find more information about these activities in your course welcome letter when it's sent in the summer.

The fun stuff!

Every year the St Mary's Students' Union (SMSU) organises a range of events and activities that will introduce you to the Union's social atmosphere. It's a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow Simmies.

Sports and societies

The Students' Union runs a variety of sports clubs and societies - a full list can be found on the SMSU website. If the club or society you're interested in doesn't exist, the SU team encourages you to speak to them about setting it up.

For many, sport is an important part of student life at St Mary's. It's a great way to keep active and healthy, learn key developmental skills through coaching or volunteering and make friends that could last a life time.

Our world-class facilities and wide range of programmes enable you to get involved in sport and physical activity no matter what level you're at. Our outstanding sports programme includes:

Sport at St Mary’s can be one of the best parts of your student life, so if you want to get involved or would like to know more, check out the information on our website or pop into the Sports Village to see us. Plus, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on clubs, programmes and special offers!

The Simmie survival guide

  1. Make sure to check out any Facebook groups regarding your halls, your course and the Students' Union. These groups will keep you in the loop and are also a good opportunity to get to know some of your classmates.
  2. If it’s free, take it! Welcome Fair is a great opportunity to pick up a lot of freebies – don’t miss out!
  3. Try not to forget that your student loan payments will have to last all semester – avoid spending it all before Welcome Fortnight has even finished.
  4. Make sure to open a student bank account. Many have interest-free overdrafts, which are potentially very helpful if you a struggling to make your money stretch through the year.
  1. Get to know your lecturers. The more approachable you are, the easier you will find it to get help when you need it.
  2. Don’t leave your essays until the last minute. A night out at The Viper Rooms may sound tempting, but writing a 2,000 word essay with a hangover in half a day is never fun!
  3. Make sure you know the basics of living alone. You may feel a bit ridiculous if everyone around you is sorting their washing and you don’t know the difference between washing detergent and fabric conditioner!
  4. Sort your TV license as soon as you can. It’s not worth the risk!