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With Clearing growing year on year, and many more students opting to go through the process, it has fallen victim to myths and rumors.

The Chinese whisper effect of internet threads, has resulted in a few misconceptions around Clearing, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered:

falseClearing is only for people that missed their grades: FALSE

Ten years ago Clearing was mostly used by students who had missed their grades for their university choices, but now we’re seeing lots of students achieving much higher grades than they expected so looking for different universities on results day.

trueIf you’ve been accepted somewhere else you can still apply through Clearing: TRUE

Even if you have been accepted to the universities you applied to, via UCAS, you can still go through the Clearing process. All you have to do is phone your firm and insurance choices and ask them to release you into Clearing.

Sometimes it can take a while, but until then another institution won’t be able to make you a formal offer that you can confirm on UCAS.

falseUniversities treat Clearing students differently: FALSE

Often you hear of students assuming that they will be treated differently if they go through Clearing, and won’t be thought of in the same way. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Universities think of clearing students the same as any other student. When you walk onto campus, every student is thought of and treated in exactly the same way.

trueYou can still look around the university before you confirm your place: TRUE

There can be a lot of pressure around Clearing to accept the first offer you get, without taking time to think it through. Make sure to ask how long your offer is valid for and take time to really think about your decision.

Most universities will be offering tours of their campuses. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the campus before you confirm your place.