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Spring term exams are around the corner, and you’re not sure how to tackle them? At this time of the year, it’s easy to feel stressed, demotivated and overwhelmed by the workload that has been piling up on your desk since the beginning of the term. Taking the time to attend a gym class, sipping a cup of tea or reading your favourite book are just some of the little things that you could do to keep your motivation up and tackle your exams with a positive mindset.

Write a daily to-do list

1 Write a daily to do list

It’s as simple as that! Find some time in the morning to jot down your priorities and scratch them off as you get them done. You’ll be surprised how self-rewarding this small activity will make you feel at the end of the day! Not only will you feel accomplished but you will also have an overview of how your day and week looks like to make the most of your time. 

Find a study buddy 

2 Find a study buddy

You’ve been waiting to start that English paper because you can’t seem to find the right location to help you focus? If you’re feeling distracted, it might be worth finding a study buddy to help you stay on track with your school work. Whether you decide to study at the library hub or any other spot on campus, find the time to get together with a friend of yours. You will not only be able to share your thoughts with someone who is going through the same challenges, but also have the opportunity to ask each other useful questions and peer review each other’s work.   

Visit a local coffee shop

3 visit a local coffee shop 

Relaxing over a cup of coffee might be exactly what you need at this time to alternate your study sessions with some sweet breaks. Is there a coffee shop you’ve been meaning to try but you haven’t had any time to check it out yet? Most coffee shops expose some art work and make the environment as cosy and warm as possible to help customers take their mind off things or just cool down after a busy day.

Take a scenic route on your way home 

5 Take a scenic route home

As the days brighten up and the weather gets nicer, don’t rush on your back home, but instead take a scenic route and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. If you’ve been studying all day, wandering around and exploring a new neighbourhood is a perfect and healthy way for you to destress and clear your thoughts. This is also a great time to be exercising! Attending a gym class, going on a quick run or playing a tennis match will increasingly boost your mood and make you feel more positive about your exams.

Spend time with your loved ones

4 Spend time with your loved ones 

Whether you live close to your family or four hours away by train, taking a day off to get together with your loved ones might the perfect therapy you are looking for. If you’ve been feeling under the weather, open up with family members and have a heart-to-heart conversation with them: talking out loud about the pressure you have been on will leave you feeling more refreshed and relieved about your exams. Some of them might have already gone through the same path, therefore they know how to best advise you: don’t let the stress overwhelm you and be ready for some inspirational words!

Reward yourself! 

6 Reward yourself

While you’re finishing up your last assignment and moving onto the next one, don’t forget to take breaks every 30 minutes as a small reward for your hard work: enjoy some ice cream, drink a cup of herbal tea or have a small chat with one of your friends. These small activities will give your mind a rest and make the workload seem more bearable. You deserve them!

Keep in mind these are just a few of the steps you can take to reduce the burden of exam sessions and remember you don’t have to go through them alone: talk to a close friend, an advisor on campus or a family member and make some time to do something completely unrelated to work that makes you happy.