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Advice from Angie Shelton: Head of Academic Liaison at St Mary’s University.

There is a useful online programme on Transition Skills produced by Queen’s University Belfast:

Transition Skills Programme is aimed at year 12 and 13 pupils and first year undergraduate students. The content is of relevance to those due to begin a degree programme while, for a wider cohort, the transferrable skills are of value to those choosing to enter the working environment.

There are five components including Academic Expectations followed by four modules:

  • Understanding Research Literature
  • Searching the Web
  • Plagiarism and Referencing
  • Social Media
  • Email Etiquette

Taking about 30 minutes to an hour, a quiz follows each element and the entire programme can be taken module by module as and when time permits. 

The course is free to anyone, does not require a login and at the end. On completing the programme you will be awarded certificate that you can print.

Watch: Primary Education student, Emily, discusses her experience