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Teaching is a highly rewarding occupation, but in recent years there have been many reports about teacher shortages. Here at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, we offer a range of teacher training programmes and every year we support hundreds of aspiring classroom teachers.

With the new school year about to get underway, here are five reasons why training to teach is a great career move; one you will never regret!

1: Excellent employment prospects


There is currently a shortage of teachers entering schools. Perhaps more than ever before, qualified teachers are highly sought after.

100% of Secondary and 98% of Primary 2016 PGCE graduates from St Mary's University were in employment or further study within six months (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education, HESA).

2: Great potential for career progression


There is a clear path up the career ladder for you to follow when working in a school. From teacher to subject lead; from subject lead to head of year; from head of year to deputy head; from deputy to headteacher.

That doesn’t even include alternative progression routes such as becoming a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), training future teachers and taking on a pastoral management role.

3: Guaranteed an attractive starting salary


The Department of Education has set £22,467 as the minimum salary for qualified teachers in England and Wales. In London, this goes even higher with minimum salaries ranging between £23,547 and £28,098.

As you progress through a teaching career you can expect a minimum salary of between £38,984 and £66,638 as a leading practitioner and between £44,102 and £115,582 as a headteacher.

4: Flexibility to suit your life


There are many ways in which teaching can be shaped to fit around your family life. Many teachers job-share, allowing them to work part-time.

Others work as supply teachers, meaning they have the option to work when it suits them.

Some teachers choose to teach abroad for part of their career – giving them an international perspective and an opportunity travel the world as they do!

5: Inspire and transform the lives of young people


Whilst it can’t be denied that teaching is a tough job, with the hours always longer than the 9am-3.30pm you may be expecting, but it’s also true that teaching is an incredibly rewarding profession.

No two days are the same, nor are any two children. You’ll be there throughout the school year to witness first-hand the children in your class growing and learning. Your skills and the support you offer will enable them to become outstanding young people.

Training to teach at St Mary’s


We offer PGCE courses at both Primary and Secondary level. Primary PGCE at St Mary’s can be studied either full-time or part-time and we also offer a PE Specialism route. Secondary PGCE is taught with a subject specialism; at St Mary’s there are 10 subjects for you to choose from.

Ofsted rates our teacher training provision ‘Outstanding’ and we work hard to support you in becoming a confident and successful classroom teacher, allowing you to encourage children to fulfil their potential!

Find out more about our PGCE programmes