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External examiners are appointed for a period of four years unless Quality and Standards are informed otherwise by the programme or the Examiner, in the case of shorter periods. Extension beyond four years will not be approved except in the most exceptional of circumstances, for which a clear rationale must be provided to the University Faculty/Institute Academic Development Committee (F/IADC).

On appointment, External Examiners are sent a letter of appointment via email by Quality and Standards.The letter will detail:

  • the programme(s) of study and/or module(s) for the appointment
  • the period of appointment and the starting date
  • the annual fee and the position with regard to the deduction of tax
  • the requirements of the annual written report, to be submitted to the Quality and Standards Office.

It will also include the following documents:

In signing and returning the Starter Information Form, the External Examiner is agreeing to the terms of the appointment as outlined in the appointment letter and the Guidelines for Examiners. Upon receipt of the form, the programme team will be asked to complete a Computer Account Form in order to allow the External access to MyModules on the VLE.

**Each External Examiner, prior to commencement of their tenure as part of the appointment process is required to evidence eligibility to work in the UK.

The programme team are also asked to contact each new External with details of all relevant exam board meetings and any others visits they are expected to make. They should be sent the programme handbook, which sets out the structure and content of the programme, including individual courses/modules for which they have responsibility. The programme team can also provide a copy of the subject requirements on request.

For further External Examining guidance and support, please contact Harriet Deevey in the first instance