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The University constantly aims to produce the highest quality outcomes for students, designing academically rigorous programmes that provide the skills and knowledge to enable students to succeed. Students are active partners in the design, monitoring and evaluation of their learning experience, through participating in validation and revalidation events, the Programme Rep system, and module evaluation process. Student feedback is proactively sought and responded to positively, openly communicated to students, and where problems are identified, solutions are sought as quickly as possible. 

The St Mary’s culture is one of inclusiveness and respect for diversity. Curriculum design, assessment strategies and academic content provide a framework in which all students and staff can engage with and contribute to positively to, creating a shared learning environment which enables all students and staff to flourish. Processes of scrutiny and review are undertaken with a spirit of collegiality, positivity and supportiveness, drawing on the diverse range of expertise and experience among students, CTESS, external examiners and the academic community.

Robust processes are designed and implemented with reference to the UK Quality Code, professional and statutory reporting bodies, and other national and international bodies that govern and oversee UK higher education. Internal processes produce clearly documented trails, informed by transparent decision making by appropriate Committees according to their remit. The roles and responsibilities of all members of the St Mary’s community are clearly articulated and embedded through professional development, training and open dialogue.  

A commitment to continual enhancement and evaluation is embedded in all quality assurance and enhancement processes. Processes are reviewed annually based on feedback from the academic and professional services community, and used to inform future improvements. Feedback is sought from external partners, such as external examiners and partner institutions.