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Bella's story

Bella is from Pennsylvania in the United States. She's a third-year Musical Theatre major, but chose to study English and History modules during her semester at St Mary's.

"I chose St Mary's because I have had friends who have gone and had amazing experiences with the classes, people and campus life.

I also knew coming here I would want to travel as much as possible and with St Mary's being located so close to Central London, it's very easy to travel pretty much anywhere in Europe."

Week #1 in London

Friends, Twickenham, Kingston and Central London

I'm losing my voice, my feet are killing, but we had the greatest day ever.

After Bella's first time exploring Central London

Week #2 in London

Botanical Gardens, Camden Markets, Mama Mia and Central London

We're in the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

On visiting the Botanical Gardens

Week #3 in London

British Candy Taste-Test, Nightlife, Stonhenge and Bath

I can't believe I've been here for four weeks... I'm having the time of my life!

Reflecting on her time so far

Week #4 in London

Notting Hill, Leaden Hall Market and Friends

We love it here, we just want to stay!

On studying in London at St Mary's

Week #5 in London

My birthday!

We are now in Covent Gardens, which we've never been to before. It was Megan's idea and I'm having the best birthday ever.

On visiting Covent Garden

Weekend in Scotland

Edinburgh, the Highlands and Battle of Culloden

So we are walking up to Loch Ness; we're going to see if we can find Nessy!

On exploring the Scottish Highlands

Week #6 and #7 in London

A montage of everyday life

Yesterday I went out with some friends and just hung out. We also saw our friend Matt do a poerty reading, which was really cool.

Reflecting on her week

Week #8 in Europe

Lots of traveling: Berlin, Venice and Treviso

We are back in Venice and we're navigating our way towards dessert!

On returning from a trip to Murano

Week #8 continued

Weekend in Amsterdam and Bruge

Edam is known for cheese and that's all I know!!

On visiting Edam

Week #9 in London

Swing dancing and Halloween

Tomorrow or tonight we'll decorate some pumpkins.

Discussing Halloween plans

Week #9 in Europe

Weekend trip to Ireland

I'm geeking out because we're walking past this post office and we learnt about it in my Irish Cultures class.

Exploring Ireland

Week #10 in Europe

Weekend in Paris

We went to Shakespeare Company which is a really cool antique book store. It had a bunch of Shakespeare shows and all of the classic novels... which was really awesome! 

Recapping her afternoon

Week #11 in London

London Eye and Poland

We're at the top!

Riding the London Eye

Week #12 and #13 in London

Thanksgiving, changing of the gaurds, audition bloopers, and seeing company the musical

We went to the St Mary's International Thanksgiuving dinner and I've just got to show you because this is the nicest thing!

Thanksgiving at St Mary's

Week #14 in Europe

Weekend in Budapest

This is so cool!

Visiting Europe's biggest thermal baths

Week #15 in Europe

Weekend in Barcelona

Good morning, me and Megan are going to Barcelona today; it's so exciting! 

Travelling to the airport

Week #16 in London

Last week in London and going home

We're going home!

On the plane to America