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Short term study visas

Short term study visas allow students to come and study in the UK for a course of six months. You will not be able to apply for the Short Term Study Visa from inside the UK.

You can apply for a short term study visa to study at St Mary’s University if you are over 18 and:

  • Studying a course (six months or less) with no work or internship
  • Taking a semester as part of the Study Abroad Programme which does not include an internship or work placement
  • Returning to the UK to re-take an exam as part of your full time degree course where we would not have been able to issue you with a CAS for a Tier 4 visa
  • Applying for a Distance Learning programme and do not require to attend the course full time
  • Visiting the UK for a short period of research if already enrolled on an overseas degree course

There are no minimum requirements for the number of hours you can study and you will not be able to work or extend your stay or switch to any other type of visa from inside the UK.

As you will not have recourse to Public Funds   whilst in the UK you must ensure that you have secured private Medical insurance.

You will not be eligible for exemption from Council Tax for privately rented accommodation therefore you may need to cater for this in addition to your rent.

If you require advice or assistance on making this application please email the UKVI Compliance and Visas Advisor on

In order to apply for a Short term Study visa you must ensure that you have met the following conditions:

  • Have been offered a place on a short course of Study Abroad programme at St Mary’s University
  • Are coming back to re take an exam
  • Have enough funds in place to support your stay without having recourse to Public Funds
  • Have a return flight ticket
  • Intend to leave the UK once you have completed your study or before your visa expires whichever comes first.

In order to apply for the Short term Study visa you will the following supporting documents:

  • A visa letter from St Mary’s University. This is obtained from the Study Abroad
  • Co – ordinator. This letter will confirm the details of your course with the course start and end dates
  • Passport sized photos (please ensure that these are taken within the last 3 months)
  • Evidence that you can support yourself throughout your stay on the course
  •  Return flight tickets
  • A valid passport
  • Evidence of where you will be staying during your stay in the UK

You may also be asked to provide other documentation too  that may support your application further such as:

  • Evidence of previous study
  • English Language certificate
  • Financial Sponsor consent (if applicable)

Please ensure that you send the original documents.

If you are sending any documents that are not in English please ensure that you have translated the document by a certificated translator. For guidance on this please email the UKVI Compliance and Visas Advisor via

If you are a visa national you must ensure that you make the visa application before you travel to the UK.

Even if you are a visa national St Mary’s University strongly advises applicants to apply for the short term study visa from their home country and before arriving in the UK and not at the Border. In doing so will make entry into the UK much smoother and easier.

If you do decide on getting a visa at the Border please be sure to check that you have been stamped with the correct visa as it may take longer to amend the visa. Entering with the wrong stamp may delay your start date on the course.

Please ensure that you carry with you all the supporting documentation.

You will be refused entry to the UK if the Immigration Officer is not satisfied that you meet the conditions for a short term study visa.

In order to apply online please go to the website.

Please choose the following from the Drop down menu:

  • Reason for visit? – Study
  • Visa type? – Study (non-points-based system)
  • Visa sub type? – Study – short-term student 6 months

The visa application fee for a 6 month visa is £97.