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 Mahara is the University's online portfolio. It can be used to collect evidence of your studies or practical activities and this evidence can then be submitted for assessment or shown to recruiters and employers.

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Mahara Guidance

It’s vital you only upload content to Mahara for which you own the copyright, or which is copyright-free. If you need to check, or are unsure if academic exception applies, please check with or visit a Library drop-in session (details on the Library webpages).

The following videos explain how you can use Mahara to create a portfolio and submit this as an assignment. 

How to access Mahara and create pages - 6 Min

Creating collections and sharing portfolios - 2 Min

Submitting your portfolio in Moodle - 2 Min

What is it? Mahara is cloud-based portfolio software. It allows you to securely store, share and present pages or collections of content, which can include any file type.

Why do we use it at St Marys? Mahara replaces physical portfolios, which can be lost or damaged and are not easily shared. It allows students to incorporate any amount of digital content. It’s also a digital leveller – there are limited design options, so regardless of a student’s personal digital skills, everything will look fairly similar: it means the focus is on content, rather than style.

How do I log in? Go to Moodle and click on the link at the top of the "My Courses" page. You will not need to sign in again.

Where can I find out more? The full user manual for our current version is available on the Mahara website.

Need more help? Have a question? Email or visit the Hub at the front of the Library during staffed hours.