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Submitting work via Turnitin

turnitin importnt
Turnitin is a tool that works within Moodle. It is through Turnitin which you submit your work; most commonly written assignments.

Turnitin also compares the written text that you submit against a database of academic sources, student papers and websites. This helps academic staff assess for plagiarism, and helps you see how well you have referenced the writing of others. Turnitin generates a similarity report. To learn how to view a similarity report for a submitted assignment visit the Turnitin Website. Take the time to learn how to interpret your similarity score, it will help you improve your work more quickly.  

For a video guide on how to submit to Turnitin please see Submitting on turnitin, or watch the video below. 

Submitting on Turnitin - 2 Min

This video will show you how to upload content onto Turnitin through Moodle.