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Erasmus+ policy and procedure

1. Introduction

St Mary’s University holds an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education, which provides the quality framework for Erasmus+ funded activities carried out by Higher Education Institutions. The University’s Erasmus+ Policy Statement acknowledges that participation in the project is part of its own strategy for modernisation and internationalisation and this document sets out the rights and responsibilities for all stakeholders engaged with Erasmus+ activity at St Mary’s University for both study and traineeships.

2. Before Mobility

2.1. The University will publish and update course availability in advance of the mobility periods (start of the academic year) to allow students to make well-informed choices about the courses they will follow.

2.2. The University will only allow student exchanges where there is a prior agreement between St Mary’s and a second higher education institution.

2.3. All agreements must be formalised through the completion of the Erasmus+ Programme inter-institutional agreement 2016/17-2020/21 which can be found in Appendix A. All queries related to the completion of inter-institutional agreements should be directed to the Erasmus Coordinator in the International Department. Information relating to current agreements are held by the International Department.

2.4. St Mary’s students wishing to participate in the Erasmus+ programme must complete either the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement: Student Mobility for Studies (Appendix B) or the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement: Student Mobility for Traineeships (Appendix C)

2.5. The forms must be completed and signed by i) Student ii) the Programme Director from the Sending Institution (St Mary’s University) and iii) the Programme Director or relevant alternative from the receiving Institution. The University accepts electronic signatures.

2.6. Programme Directors from the sending and receiving institutions are responsible for ensuring that the student will study the appropriate amount of credit at the correct level and that credit transfer will be possible upon successful completion of a module(s) abroad.

2.7. Completed forms must be taken directly to the Erasmus Coordinator in the International Department or sent via email to A student can only participate in Erasmus+ activity once a complete learning agreement has been submitted and the student has received written confirmation from the Erasmus Coordinator.

2.8. The Erasmus Coordinator will ensure that outgoing students are prepared for their time at a partner institution, including checking that they have attained the necessary level of linguistic proficiency.

2.9. The Erasmus Coordinator will liaise with the UKVI Compliance and Immigration Adviser to provide assistance related to obtaining visas, when required, for incoming and outgoing participants.

2.10. The Erasmus Coordinator will liaise with the Accommodation Office to provide guidance to incoming mobile participants in finding accommodation.

3. After Mobility

3.1. St Mary’s University has a responsibility to recognise the satisfactorily completed activities of study and, where possible, traineeships in terms of credits awarded.

3.2. Students sent by St Mary’s University will have all study activity completed at the partner institution to a pass level will be awarded credit at a rate equal to double the total ECTS credits acquired (10 ECTS is equal to 20 FHEQ credits).

3.3. The Erasmus Coordinator will send the transcript or training certificate to Registry Services so that it can:

  1. certify that the student has fulfilled all requirements stipulated in the Learning Agreement;
  2. ensure that all credits earned are recognised and count towards the final degree;
  3. formally recognise the period abroad through issuance of a letter detailing the name of the partner institution, a description of learning or training undertaken and a summary of the credit obtained.

3.4. As a receiving institution, St Mary’s is responsible for providing students with a formal record of their studies or training.

3.5. Once a visiting student has finished studying at St Mary’s, the Erasmus Coordinator will notify Registry Services so that a transcript and letter detailing the learning or training and summary of credit obtained can be produced. Transcripts and accompanying letters will be issued by Registry Services not later than six weeks after the assessment period has finished.

3.6. The International Department will maintain records of all Erasmus+ activity.

4. Appeals

4.1. Students who wish to appeal a decision related to the recognition of credit associated with Erasmus activity can do so through the University’s Academic Appeals Procedure.