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About the project

This research focuses on the wellbeing of teachers to ensure that children and young people benefit from a healthy teacher workforce.

This work builds on existing research, practice and partnerships between academics, nationally and internationally, as well as partnership schools, public health organisations and charities such as South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (Maudsley Learning) and Child Bereavement UK

As part of a range of activities, the impact of the Teacher Wellbeing Award, co-developed between St Mary’s University and Maudsley Learning, will be evaluated to maximise further opportunities to enhance teacher retention and professional wellbeing.

Overall, the aim will be to inform the Initial Teacher Education agenda, influence educational policy and enhance professional practice. In addition, special projects will develop in key areas of pedagogy (e.g. the importance of strong subject knowledge) that influence professional practice and lead to positive social impact for early career teachers in particular.

Return to School: Trainee Teachers Receive Bereavement Training and Support

With the start of the new academic year, the lingering effect of the pandemic is still one of the biggest issues for schools.