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About the project

The mission of the centre is to help people to live and die well and be supported in their grief. It brings together many of the best minds, partnering with organisations and individuals to support and develop companionship and community in life and in death.

As a result of a very successful programme of public engagement and a highly successful programme of media engagement, those working in this area obtained major funding for a research project with the think tank Demos and Lancaster University.

This research will continue over the coming years and provide important evidence in relation to those who experience death, dying and bereavement.

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 Living well, ageing well, and dying well

Described in The Guardian as 'one of the three best podcasts on death'.

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In the news

Art of Dying Well Launches New Guide to Deathbed Etiquette

The Art of Dying Well - St Mary’s University is today launching a new Guide to Deathbed Etiquette -  written to help families and friends support a dying loved one.

St Mary's Research Centre Launches End of Life Companion Programme

The Art of Dying Well begins a major new partnership with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) to train members and volunteers as End of Life Companions.

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Interdisciplinary involvement at St Mary's

Those involved with the centre are situated in the Faculty of Business and Law because of the societal impact of the work. The centre collaborates with the Faculty of Education, Theology and the Arts on issues related to teacher training in bereavement and bio-ethics and the training of priests and deacons in the Art of Living and Dying Well.

The centre collaborates with the Faculty of Sports, Allied Health and Performance Sciences in the areas of living, ageing and dying well.