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Dr Alexandra Atack

Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics and Performance Analysis

Dr Alexandra Atack

Tel: 020 8240 4319

About Research


Alexandra joined St Mary’s University in 2011 as a Graduate Assistant, having previously completed a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (Hons) at University of Bath. In 2016, she completed a PhD entitled ‘The Biomechanics of Rugby Place Kicking’ through St Mary’s University and the University of Surrey and was awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Alexandra was appointed as a Lecturer in Biomechanics at University of Hertfordshire for the academic year 2016-17 and was responsible for delivering all Biomechanics modules to undergraduate Sport Science and Sport Rehabilitation students. In April 2017 she then returned to St Mary’s as a full-time Lecturer in Biomechanics and Performance Analysis, contributing primarily to the teaching of Biomechanics and Research Methods through the BSc in Sport Science and assisting on the MSc in Strength & Conditioning.




Alexandra’s research interests are centred around the biomechanics of sports techniques, with a particular focus on kicking and striking skills, running and swimming. She has shared her research at both International Conferences and in peer-reviewed journals and has received awards for the work (International Society of Biomechanics in Sport, New Investigator’s Award 2017, Oral Presentation 2nd place). Her expertise are in 3D motion analysis of sport, combining kinematic and kinetic analyses to fully understand how sporting performance is achieved. In the future she wishes to explore the use of simulation modelling to investigate the potential efficacy of training interventions to improve performance, with a view to informing coaching practice. Her research profile can be viewed on ResearchGate.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Atack A., Trewartha G., & Bezodis, N.E. (2018). Assessing rugby place kick performance from initial ball flight kinematics: development, validation and application of a new measure.Sports Biomechanics. doi: 10.1080/14763141.2018.1433714

Atack, A., Trewartha, G., & Bezodis, N.E. A joint kinetic analysis of rugby place kicking technique to understand why kickers achieve different performance outcomes. (Under Review)

Bezodis, N. E., Atack, A., Wilmott, A. P, Callard, J. E. B., & Trewartha, G. The difference in kicking foot swing plane characteristics between accurate and inaccurate rugby place kickers.(Under Review)

Invited Presentations

Conference of the World Rugby Science Network (2017) - Understanding differences in place kicking technique: Implications for performance and training. (Available to view online at

Selected Conference Communications

International  Society  of  Biomechanics  in  Sports  Annual  Conference  (2017)  - 'The  differences  in  rugby  place  kick  technique  between  successful  and  less  successful  kickers'. (Oral presentation)

International  Society  of  Biomechanics  in  Sports  Annual  Conference  (2015)  - 'Development  and  evaluation  of a  method  to  quantify  rugby  place  kick  performance  from  initial  ball  flight  data'. (Mini oral presentation)

International  Society  of  Biomechanics  in  Sports  Annual  Conference  (2014)  - ‘A  biomechanical  analysis  of  the  kicking  leg  during  a  rugby  place  kick‘  (Oral presentation)

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