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Andrea Sau

Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Andrea Sau

About Research



Andrea Sau joined St Mary's University in 2018 and has been designing and delivering various modules within the  Department of Politics and International Relationship ever since. 

Andrea teaches introduction to political economy, Introduction to International Relations, Political Ideologies, What is Politics? and Comparative Politics. 


Research profile


Andrea's research revolves around political and social theory as well as political economy and theories of ideology. His focus has been on the Marxist tradition, in particular the works of Marx and Antonio Gramsci. Andrea's PhD is a Marxist theory of ideology based on an in-depth reading of their works. Andrea is currently working on further developing the framework proposed in his PhD by engaging in debate with other critical theorists.  


  • Sau, A. (2021) 'On Cultural Political Economy: A Defence and Constructive Critique', New Political Economy.
  • Sau, A. (2020) A Marxist Theory of Ideology: Praxis, Thought and the Social World. Abingdon: Routledge. 


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