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Dr Carole Murphy

Professor of Sociology and Applied Research and Director of the Bakhita Centre for Research on Slavery, Exploitation and Abuse.

Dr Carole Murphy

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4205


Carole Murphy is professor of Criminology and Sociology at St Mary’s University and director of the Bakhita Centre for Research on Slavery, Exploitation and Abuse. Carole played a key role in establishing the Centre, formerly the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery, ensuring a focus on victim/survivor support needs, practice interventions and policy impact. She is especially committed to developing training for practitioners who work with victims of abuse and exploitation, and exploring opportunities for survivors as experts by experience to develop to their full potential.

Her main research interests are in human trafficking, modern slavery, exploitation, and abuse, and examining intersections with social problems, inequalities, addiction, and health/mental health issues.


Areas of research supervision

  • Modern slavery
  • Human trafficking
  • Exploitation abuse (domestic, sexual, other)
  • Gender-based violence
  • Addiction

Research profile



  • Exploring the Efficacy of the Legal Framework and Interventions in Tackling Sexual and Gender Based Violence against Females in Internally Displaced Persons’ Camps in the Northeast Nigeria (Completed September 2023 with minor corrections)
  • Protecting children in the Philippines who are sexually exploited: evidence of frontline responses from the NGO context (Completed with minor corrections March 2022)
  • Social media-based research of public opinion and press coverage on irregular migrants in the United Kingdom, 2015-2018 (Completed with minor corrections December 2021)

Current supervisions

  • #AntiSlaveryDay and #WorldDayAgainstTrafficking: A comparative analysis of the framing and social construction of modern slavery and human trafficking on Instagram


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  • Murphy, C. (2018) ‘Rivers of Blood, Sea of bodies: An analysis of media coverage of migration and trafficking on the High Seas’ in Hackett, J. & Harrington, S. (eds.) Beasts of the Deep: Sea Creatures and Popular Culture John Libbey Publishing Ltd.


  • 2023 ‘Trafficking within borders: missed opportunities to prevent, identify and protect victims of human trafficking in England and Wales’, Healing Humanity: Efforts against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Conference organized by the Archdiocese of Thyateira & Great Britain, in collaboration with the Faculty of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki February, 2023. (Invited speaker)
  • 2022 ‘Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: The Victim Journey’, panel discussion Murphy & Lazzarino, 2022, (eds.) ‘Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: The Victim Journey’, Policy Press, at the 24-hour Conference on Global Organised Crime October 2022, organised by the Global Initiative against Organised Crime. 24-hour conference on global organized crime #OC24 2023 | Global Initiative (Invited speaker)
  • 2022 ‘Modern Slavery in Britain: Developing a Framework to Support British National Survivors’, St. James Research Centre, Online event, 5-6 August. (Invited speaker)
  • 2022 ‘Voices of the Enslaved: British National Survivors’ Experiences in Britain’, Slavery Past, Present and Future 6th Global Meeting, Webster Leiden Campus, Netherlands, 11-13 July.
  • 2022 ‘Informing practice through the experiences of British national survivors of modern slavery’, Beyond Silos: Amplifying Marginal Voices and Underexplored Methods in Human Trafficking Research, Human Trafficking Research Network (HTRN), QUB (Online), 16-17 June.
  • 2022 Symposium on County Lines and Women: Focus on North Yorkshire, York St. John University, February 26th
  • 2021 ‘Identifying pathways to support British Victims of Modern Slavery to Safety and Recovery’, Conference on Exploring the extent of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking between Ireland and the United Kingdom: through the lens of Organised Crime, December 8th, University of Cork (Online- Invited speaker)
  • 2020 ‘Surviving Trafficking, Seeking Asylum: The British Experience’ Conference on Migratory Flows in the 21st Century: Notes on Slavery and Trafficking in Persons, 2020, November 25th, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Human Trafficking Clinic (CTETP) Brazil (Online- Invited speaker)
  • 2020 ‘Assisting and Protecting Survivors of Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Forced Labour’, Virtual International Conference on Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and Policy and Evidence Centre, 15–16 September 2020 (Invited speaker)


  • 2018- 2021 Member of the Project Executive Board (PEB) for the “Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Ireland” project, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, and Santa Marta Group.
  • 2016 to 2023 Trustee Women at the Well (W@W) 54-55 Birkenhead Street, London, WC1H88B


  • Evlauaiotn of Music Therapy Service, Caritas Bakhita House (2023)
  • Rahab Project, Evaluation of service and project outcomes (2019)
  • Housing for Women, Evaluation of Replace service for survivors of trafficking (2018)
  • Snowdrop, Evaluation of service and project outcomes (2018)
  • Bakhita House, Evaluation of service and project outcomes (2018)
  • ‘Mapping gaps in long-term support for victims of trafficking in the UK’, Funded project (2017)
  • Housing for Women, Evaluation of two services: Replace and Reunite (2016)
  • Research consultant: European Policing of human trafficking and modern slavery research project at EUROPOL with The Centre for Social Justice (2014-2015)


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