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Dr Simone Benedetti

Lecturer - Sport Nutrition
Course Lead - Sport and Exercise Nutrition BSc

Dr Simone Benedetti

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4073


Simone has achieved a BSc in Dietetics, MSc in Human Nutrition, PGDip in Sport Nutrition, and a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Simone has also worked for several years as a Dietitian and Sport Nutritionist in clinical and sport settings and now contributes to several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. These include Sport and Exercise Nutrition BSc, Nutrition BSc, Human Nutrition MSc and Applied Sports Nutrition MSc. 


Research profile

Simone's principal research interests lie in the effects of exercise on energy intake, appetite, and appetite-regulating hormones, which was part of his PhD.

Key Publications:

  • Benedetti, S., Moir, J.M., Stensel, D.J., Thackray, A.E., Naughton, D., Allgrove, J. (2021). Effects of moderate to vigorous intensity cycling on appetite, ad libitum energy intake and appetite-related hormones in healthy South Asian and white European men. Appetite. 165:105282.
  • Benedetti, S., Al-Tannak, N., Moir J.M., Stensel D.J., et al (2019). Plasma Free Fatty Acids Metabolic Profile with LC-MS and Appetite-Related Hormones in South Asian and White European Men in Relation to Adiposity, Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness: A Cross-Sectional Study. Metabolites. 9(4), 71.
  • Benedetti, S. Effect of Dark Chocolate on cardio metabolic disorders and exercise performance. Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine. Jun Issue, 2017.
  • Benedetti, S. Can eating like a caveman be an effective weapon against Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases? Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine. May Issue, 2016.

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