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Farhana Irshad

Recruitment Co-Ordinator

Farhana Irshad

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4367


Farhana is the Recruitment Co-Ordinator for all Primary Teaching degrees at St Mary's University. Her role cover recruitment activities, events and initiatives for the Primary degrees.

In addition to supporting the Institute of Education with recruitment, Farhana is a part-time PhD Candidate at St Mary's University. Her research explores the horror and true crime genre and their evolution to suit the streaming and exhibition practises within the current digital climate. Farhana's broader research areas also include digital detectives within the true crime spaces, binge-watching, narrative transportation, and audience behaviour.


Research profile

Book chapters


Delivered a paper at the Investigating True Crime and the Media Conference, Newcastle University June 2022: The Digital Detective and Online Spaces.

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