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Dr Filip Gertz Lysdal

Lecturer in Sport Rehabilitation

Dr Filip Gertz Lysdal

About Research



Filip Gertz Lysdal joined the Sports Rehabilitation teaching unit in September 2022. Before coming to St Mary’s University, Filip was at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as a Postdoctoral Researcher (Grant 0136-00283B) and at Loughborough University as a Visiting Researcher (Supported by Otto Mønsted Foundation, Knud Højgaard Foundation, and P.A. Fisker Foundation).

Filip completed his entire education in Denmark at Aalborg University. Here, he received his BSc in Sports Science in 2014, and his MSc Eng in Sports Technology in 2016. Before graduating, Filip was an Intern Research Assistant at German Sport University Cologne during the 2015/16 academic year where he wrote his thesis in collaboration with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

In 2021, Filip received his PhD in Biomedical Science and Engineering from The Doctoral School in Medicine, Biomedical Science and Technology at Aalborg University. Filip was enrolled under the Industrial PhD scheme – supported by Innovation Fund Denmark (Grant 7038-00087B) and Spraino ApS, where he simultaneously worked as a Scientific Project Manager.

Filip is still connected to Danish academia as an external research and teaching affiliate at Aalborg University, as well as a Nationally Appointed Examiner in health science subjects.


Research profile

Sports injuries are a major problem – also in the United Kingdom! Injuries are – for too many individuals – outweighing the potential health benefits of doing sports; therefore, injury prevention is vital in maintaining a good public health. Here, an in-depth understand of the underlying aetiology and mechanism is essential in order to design effective injury prevention regimes.

Filip’s main research interests are thus related to sports injuries with a strong focus on injury mechanism and how this translates to injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Key Research Interests:

  • mechanism of sports injuries
  • prevention research
  • proof-of-principle studies
  • sports biomechanics
  • footwear biomechanics
  • research methods and study designs.


Key publications

  • Lysdal, F. G., Bandholm, T., Tolstrup, J. S., Clausen, M. B., Mann, S., Petersen, P. B., Grønlykke, T. B., Kersting, U. G., Delahunt, E., & Thorborg, K. (2020). Does the Spraino low-friction shoe patch prevent lateral ankle sprain injury in indoor sports? A pilot randomised controlled trial with 510 participants with previous ankle injuries. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 55(2), 92-98. 
  • Lysdal, F. G., Wang, Y., Delahunt, E., Gehring, D., Kosik, K. B., Krosshaug, T., Li, Y., Mok, K-M., Pasanen, K., Remus, A., Terada, M., & Fong, D. T. P. (2022). What have we learnt from quantitative case reports of acute lateral ankle sprains injuries and episodes of 'giving-way' of the ankle joint, and what shall we further investigate? Sports Biomechanics, 21(4), 359-379. 
  • Dupré, T., Lysdal, F. G., Funken, J., Mortensen, K. R. L., Müller, R., Mayer, J., Krahl, H., & Potthast, W. (2020). Groin Injuries in Soccer: Investigating the Effect of Age on Adductor Muscle Forces. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 52(6), 1330-1337.
  • Lysdal, F. G., Grønlykke, T. B., & Kersting, U. G. (2022). Spraino: A novel low-friction device for prevention of lateral ankle sprain injuries in indoor sports. Medicine in Novel Technology and Devices, 16, [100141].


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