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Georgie Bruinvels

Research Associate


Georgie completed a BSc (Hons) in Physiological Science at the University of Bristol in 2010. During her degree, she focused on extreme physiology, the cardiovascular system and muscle, migration and motility. After this she spent three years working for UK Anti-Doping at the head office in London, this included completing a secondment during the London 2012 Olympics.

Georgie has now returned to academia to begin her PhD, joining the iron research group which is a collaboration between St Mary's University and University College London (UCL). With her PhD being registered at UCL, she is a visiting researcher at St Mary's.

She also spends some time working as a physiologist with a number of international athletes in the Centre for Health, Applied Sport and Exercise Science (CHASES) laboratory and the Endurance Performance and Coaching Centre (EPACC).

Her research is mainly focused around factors that impact upon iron status in elite athletes, the diagnosis of iron deficiencies and the mechanisms underpinning iron losses and iron absorption in athletes. She is currently undertaking research around women's health, more specifically the effects of the menstrual cycle on iron status in athletes.

As an international athlete herself, Georgie feels passionate about her research and finds herself well positioned to relate to the athletes with which she works.