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Dr Giuseppe Cimadoro

Senior Lecturer - Strength and Conditioning Science

Dr Giuseppe Cimadoro

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4323


Giuseppe joined St Mary’s in 2015, and is a Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning Science. He is an experienced kickboxing coach and S&C trainer. He achieved a BSc (Movement Sciences and Sport), MSc (Sport Science) and a PhD in Exercise Sport Activities studying in Milan (Italy), Dijon (France) and Loughborough (UK).

As coach, he has been involved for several years in Combat Sports (Thai-boxing, K-1, kickboxing), professional Tennis (S&C), and Track & Field (sprinting). He has been a kickboxing fighter for 15 years and won the Italian Championship in 2003 (60kg weight class). His main current coaching/S&C interest is in Combat Sports and Mountain Biking.

Giuseppe has been living abroad since 2007 enjoying international experiences and different cultures. Away from work and the sport world, Giuseppe is an amateur photographer, a beginner violin player, and he is interested in amateur trail mountain biking.


Research profile

Broad research areas of interest:

  • Stand-up striking combat sports performance and physiological (neuromuscular) profiles
  • Neuromuscular adaptations to strength training
  • Physical training methodology based on neuromuscular function
  • Neuromuscular profile of mountain biking

Recent papers published on peer reviewed journals:

  • Fitzpatrick, D.A., Cimadoro, G., & Cleather, D.J. (2019). The magical horizontal force muscle? A pre-liminary study examining the "Force-Vector" theory. Sports 7(2), 1-9.
  • Babault, N., Poisson, M., Cimadoro, G., Cometti, C., & Païzis, C. (2018). Performance determinants of fixed gear cycling during criteriums. European journal of sport science, 18(9), 1199-1207.
  • Cimadoro, G., Mahaffey, R., & Babault, N. (2018). Acute neuromuscular responses to short and long roundhouse kick striking paces in professional Muay Thai fighters. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness. 59(2), 204-209.
  • Cimadoro, G. (2017). Acute neuromuscular, cognitive and physiological responses to a Japanese kickboxing competition in semi-professional fighters. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness. [Ahead of print].
  • Cimadoro, G., Paizis, C., Alberti, G., & Babault, N. (2013). Effects of different unstable supports on EMG activity and balance. Neuroscience letters, 548, 228-232.
  • Cimadoro, G., Yeadon, M. R., Van Hoecke, J., Alberti, G., Babault, N., & Minetti, A. E. (2012, August). Validation of a subject specific 3-actuator torque-driven model in human vertical jumping. In Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2012 Annual International Conference of the IEEE (pp. 4883-4886). IEEE.

Selection of conference presentations:

  • Cimadoro, G., Paizis, C., & Babault, N. (2018, July). Lower limb EMG activity induced by overloaded Muay Thai roundhouse kicks of the striking leg. In 23rd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science: Dublin, Ireland.
  • Cimadoro, G., Mahaffey, R., & Babault, N. (2017, July). Quantifying neuromuscular fatigue induced by repeated Thai-style roundhouse kicks. In 22nd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science: Essen, Germany.
  • Cimadoro, G., Alberti, G., & Babault, N. (2009). Effect of K1 Fight on vertical jump, reaction time, and lactate production. In 14th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science: Oslo, Norway.
  • Cimadoro, G., Robineau, J., Alberti, G., & Babault, N. (2009). Effect of Kickboxing Fight on vertical jump, muscle power, and metabolic indexes. In 14th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science: Oslo, Norway.

Selection of posters:

  • Cimadoro G., Yeadon F., Pain M.,Van Hoecke J., Alberti G., Babault N., & Minetti A.E. (2012). Comparison between squat jump vs. weighted squat jump: simulation study. Proceedings of 36th Annual American Society of Biomechanics Meeting “Sport Sciences: nature, nurture and culture”: Gainesville, Florida.
  • Cimadoro G., Alberti G., & Babault N.  (2009). L'entraînement de l'équilibre: influence de différents supports instables sur la sollicitation du système neuromusculaire. Proceedings of 2nd journée G. Cometti “Preparation physique: du Laboratoire au Terrain”: Dijon, France.

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