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Dr Hayley Legg

Senior Lecturer - Strength and Conditioning

Dr Hayley Legg

About Research



Hayley completed her honours degree in Sport Science at St Mary's University before going on to do a Masters of Research in Applied Sport Science. She is currently completing a PhD at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada in Kinesiology with a focus on older adults.

She is a Senior lecturer in the School of Sport, Health and Applied Science and currently lectures on the Strength and Conditioning Science MSc distance learning degree program at St Marys.

She is an accredited member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA). She provides strength and conditioning coaching support on a consultancy basis to a range of clients and athletes.


Research profile

Hayley's research interests lie within the biomechanics of strength and conditioning and aging populations. Her current PhD work is investigating the strength capacity of the upper extremity in older adults Prior to this, her MRes thesis involved investigating the biomechanical effects of weightlifting shoes.

Conference Communications and Published Abstracts:

  • Legg, HS., Glaister M., Cleather, DJ., and Goodwin, JE. (2017). The effect of weightlifting shoes on the kinetics and kinematics of the back squat. Journal of Sport Sciences, 35, 508-515.
  • Paterson, S., Knowles, A., Brown, N., Legg, H., and Pattison, J. R. (2017). The impact of badminton on health markers in sedentary females. Journal of Sport Sciences, 35, 1098-1106.
  • Hill, J., Howatson, G., van Someren, K., Legg, H., Lineham, J., and Pedlar, C. (2017). A comparison of high and low grade compression garments on recovery form damaging exercise.  International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Legg, HS, Arnold, C, Weiler, C and Lanovaz, J. (2017). Relationship of upper extremity strength measures in older Women National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference, Las Vegas, USA, July 2017 (Poster Presentation)
  • Legg, HS, Farthing, JP, Lanovaz, J, and Arnold, C. (2017). A comparison of eccentric and concentric upper limb strength in elderly women in the sixth, seventh and eighth decade: A preliminary investigation. Orthopedic National Symposium, London, Canada, October 2017 (Poster Presentation).
  • Arnold, C, Legg, HS, Lanovaz, J, Farthing, JP. (2017). A comparison of fall risk factors and muscle strength in pre-frail and non-frail older women using different pre-frailty markers. Canadian Association Gerontology, Winnipeg, Canada, October 2017 (Poster presentation).
  • Arnold, C, Lanovaz, J, Legg, HS, and Lattimer, L. (2017). A comparison of energy absorbing capacity during a controlled forward descent on outstretched hands in younger women, healthy older women and pre-frail older women. Canadian Association Gerontology, October 2017, Winnipeg, Canada October 2017 (Oral presentation).
  • Legg, HS., Glaister M., and Goodwin, JE. (2011). The effect of footwear on joint kinetics and kinematics during the back squat. National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference and Exhibition, Las Vegas, USA, July 2011 (poster presentation).
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  • Legg, HS.and Goodwin, JE. (2006). Effects of weighlifting shoes on the lower limb EMG and kinematics during the back squat.  BASES Student Conference, University of Chichester, May 2007 (poster presentation).

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