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Jayamini Ranaweera

Lecturer in Performance Analysis

About Research



Jay joined St Mary's University in October 2022. Before joining the University, he worked with Bath Rugby as a Data Scientist in relation to his PhD program.

Jay also possesses significant experience in the manufacturing industry, where he worked as a Research and Innovation Manager to deliver projects focusing on product development, wearable technology, automation and digitalisation for a leading apparel manufacturer in Asia.

Jay received his MSc Electronics and Automation in 2018, BSc Applied Sciences in 2014 and BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering in 2012.

He is currently reading for his PhD in Sports Informatics at Leeds Beckett University, which is due to be completed in 2023. Moreover, Jay is a Chartered Engineer (UK) and Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. 


Research profile

Research Interests

Sports informatics
Sports analytics and data science
Wearable technology
Sports engineering

Journal Articles

Ranaweera, J., Zanin, M., Weaving, D., & Roe, G. (2022). Using consensus methods to standardise judgement-based guidelines required for player management decision-making processes: A case study in professional rugby union. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 0(0). 

Ranaweera, J., Weaving, D., Zanin, M., & Roe, G. (2022). Identifying the Current State and Improvement Opportunities in the Information Flows Necessary to Manage Professional Athletes: A Case Study in Rugby Union . Frontiers in Sports and Active Living (Vol. 4).

Ranaweera, J., Weaving, D., Zanin, M., Pickard, M. C., & Roe, G. (2022). Digitally Optimizing the Information Flows Necessary to Manage Professional Athletes: A Case Study in Rugby Union. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living (Vol. 4).

Ranaweera, J., Zanin, M., Weaving, D., Withanage, C., & Roe, G. (2021). Optimising Player Management Processes in Sports: Translating Lessons from Healthcare Process Improvements to Sports. International Journal of Computer Science in Sport, 20(1), 119-146.

Zanin, M., Ranaweera, J., Darrall-Jones, J., Weaving, D., Till, K., & Roe, G. (2021). A systematic review of small sided games within rugby: Acute and chronic effects of constraints manipulation. Journal of Sports Sciences, 39(14),1633–1660.

Conference Proceedings

Ranaweera, J., & Silva, P. (2019). Analysis of Sensor Locations on Human Body for Wearable Sensor based Activity Classification during Fast Bowling in Cricket. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support Volume 1: icSPORTS, (pp. 21-31). Vienna: ISBN978-989-758-383-4. DOI:10.5220/0008065100210031.

Ranaweera, J., Silva, P., Deshapriya, A. M., & Gawsalyan, S. (2017). INERTIAL MEASUREMENT UNIT BASED ACTIVITY SEGMENTATION DURING FAST BOWLING IN CRICKET. In abstract book of XXVI Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, (p. 1056). Brisbane.

Workshops Conducted

Innovative Technology Needs for Sri Lankan Sports, Workshop on Affordable Motion Capturing for Gait Analysis, Clinical Rehabilitation and Sports, Moratuwa Engineering Research Conference (MERCon), Sri Lanka 2021.


Media enquiries

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