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Joana Fonseca

Senior Lecturer - Physical Education

Joana Fonseca

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4179


Joana graduated from University of Porto in 2006 with a BSc in Sport Sciences. Through this time she had the opportunity to gain an in-depth sport-related knowledge particularly correlated to pedagogical concerns about teaching and coaching within sport and physical education. This degree, together with the experiences of coaching youth swimming development squads, has motivated her to continue her educational pathway to a Master's degree programme in Physical Education in Primary and Secondary Education (MSc and PGCE) in 2009. 

At present, Joana is in her final year of her PhD studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University, under the supervision of Professor Robyn L. Jones. Her current research focuses on how students learn and develop their professional identity during their undergraduate sports coaching course. Specifically, during the first 3 years of her research, she followed students’ experiences in constructing and reconstructing their professional identity through exploring the influences of structure (i.e., staff role, academic programs, assessment strategies) on their professional and academic success. 

Her research aims to offer an assessment of ‘quality’ pedagogy, not only in terms of what is taught to students, but also how and why. It also opens a fundamental discussion about the purpose of coaching education and what undergraduate sport coaching students should know.


Research profile

Joana's interests are related to Pedagogy, Physical Education, Coaching and Social Science. This specifically include topics related to social interaction within physical education and coaching contexts, sport pedagogy and professional identity.

Published Papers:

  • R.L. Jones, J. Fonseca, L. De Martin Silva, G. Davies, K. Morgan & I. Mesquita (2015) The promise and problems of video diaries: building on current research, Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 7:3, 395-410, DOI: 10.1080/2159676X.2014.938687 
  • L. De Martin Silva, J. Fonseca, G. Davies, K. Morgan, I. Mesquita & R.L. Jones (2015) Understanding undergraduate sport coaching students’ development and learning: The necessity of uncertainty. Teaching in Higher Education

Book Chapters:

  • Fonseca, J. & Mesquita, I. (2012). Modelo de educação desportiva: o refundar do valor pedagógico e social do desporto na escola. [Sport Education Model: Establishing the pedagogical and social value of the sport in the school environment]In J. A. Moreira, A. G. Ferreira & A. Mendes (Eds). Rumos Pedagógicos da Educação Física em PortugalCEIS 20: Coimbra.
  • Mesquita, I.; Jones, R.L.; Fonseca, J.; De Martin Silva, L. (2012). Nova abordagem na formação de treinadores; O que mudou e porquê?.[New coaching education approach: What have changed and why?]In J. Nascimento & G.Farias (Eds). Construção da identidade profissional em educação física. A formação á intervenção., (pp.41-60). Colecção Temas em Movimento: Florianópolis.
  • J. Fonseca & Mesquita, I. (in press). Desenvolvimento da Identidade Profissional do Treinador Desportivo: Uma área a explorar [Coach Professional Identity Development: an area to explore]

Invited Presentations:

  • Fonseca, J. (2015). Desenvolvimento da identidade profissional do treinador na formação académica [Coaching professional identity development in higher education]. Invited presentation credited by IPDJ (Portuguese National Institute for Sport): “Formação de treinadores: Desenvolvimento da Aprendizagem e Identidade do Treinador de desporto” at Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal. 21st -22nd April.
  • Fonseca, J. (2014). Social interactions in the coaching environment. Invited presentation in the AeFadeuo - IV Cycle of workshops at Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal. 5th April.
  • Fonseca, J. (2013).Learning experiences and identity development in Sport Coaching Students. Invited presentation in the “research methods” module (part of the PhD program in Sport Science) at Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal. 30th January.
  • Jones, R.L., Santos, S., Silva, L.D.M., Fonseca, J. & Edwards, C. (2011). Further thoughts on ‘who is coaching’? Keynote lecture given at the 3rd Congresso Internactional de Jogos Desportivos, University of Porto, Portugal. 13-15th July.
  • Fonseca, J. (2011). Da formação à profissão: principais problemas decorrentes do início de prática profissional (Becoming a teacher: the initial problems of the professional practice). Invited presentation in the “pedagogical professionalization” module (MSc in Teaching Physical Education in Primary and Secondary Education) at Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, Portugal. 14th December

Grants Awarded and Prizes:

  • 2013: Inaugural Formula Santander Bank Scholarship at Cardiff Metropolitan University. (total value = £4,166)
  • 2010: Individual Doctoral Grant: ‘Understanding the dynamic nature of student learning and identity: The case of sports coaching  students’. Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) (with R.L. Jones & I. Mesquita, University of Porto) (total value = €61,500).
  • 2008: Young researchers Grant. Introduction to Research (Bolsa de Introdução à Investigação) in a main project entitled: ‘Papel do exercício na prevenção e recuperação das alterações do tecido ósseo associadas ao envelhecimento e ao desuso’. Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT/ SFRH/BD/38110/2007) (with Fonseca, H. & J.A., Duarte, University of Porto) (total value = €1,000)
  • 2008: Prémio Incentivo (Award for the best student of the Year). University of Porto (total value = €2,000).

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