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John Pattison

Senior Lecturer - Sport Science

John Pattison

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4338


John joined St Mary’s University in 2005 as a full time member of staff in the School of Sport, Health and Applied Science. He specialises in teaching exercise physiology at undergraduate and post-graduate level, but also makes substantial contributions to coaching science modules all within the Sport Science department. 

John graduated from University College Chichester with a BSc. (hons) degree Sport Science in 1999, and again in 2000 with a MSc. in Sport and Exercise Science (Physiology Pathway). In the intervening years John attended Roehampton University where he started his PhD. John's research interests include VO2 kinetics, respiratory physiology, physiology of running and the effects of warm-up on performance.

John is a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), he is currently undergoing BASES accreditation in sport science support (physiology). John has previously supported many athletes on a consultancy basis and is currently supporting some athletes at St Mary’s University as part of his accreditation.

Outside University, John is an active sportsman and currently participates in several sports, such as, cycling, running, climbing, squash, golf and skiing when he can! He has also participated in many other sports in the past, such as, football, athletics (middle distance events & pole vault), volleyball and karate, the last sport of karate was John’s most successful sport as he once ran his own karate club as chief instructor and also competed for England in this sport.


Research profile


  • Glaister, M, Howatson, G, Pattison, JR, and McInnes, G. (2008). The reliability and validity of fatigue measures during multiple-sprint work: an issue revisited. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 22, 1597-1601.
  • McMorris, T, Sproule, J, Draper, S, Childs, R, Sexsmith, JR, Forster, CD, and Pattison, J. (2000). The measurement of plasma catecholamine and lactate thresholds: A comparison of methods. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 82, 262-267.

Conference Presentations:

  • Hill, J, and Pattison, J, (2007). The effects of massage as a recovery intervention in repeated sprint performance. BASES Annual Student Conference, May 2007 (poster presentation). 
  • Tallent, J, and Pattison, J, (2007). The effects of pre-exercise carbohydrate feedings on endurance soccer performance. BASES Annual Student Conference, May 2007 (poster presentation). 
  • Pattison, J, Carter, H, Turner, DL, and Doust, JH. (2004). The on- and off-kinetics of moderate and severe exercise during treadmill running in trained and untrained humans. Journal of Sport Science 00, 35 (Abstract; oral presentation).

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