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Dr Julie Pearson

Course Lead - Primary PGCE (PE Specialism)

Dr Julie Pearson

About Research

Tel: 020 8240 4399


Prior to working at St Mary’s University, Julie worked within educational settings for fifteen years. In this time, she worked as a secondary physical education teacher, Head of Upper School, Key Stage 2/3 Induction Co-ordinator and Senior Teacher. Her passion surrounding the delivery of high quality physical education (PE) brought Julie to her current post as a senior lecturer within primary education.

Julie delivers and develops the requirements for the postgraduate and undergraduate primary physical education modules within the ITT programmes. She is a tutor on the Master's modules within the postgraduate programme and supports undergraduate research students in their dissertation and Master's work relating to PE. 

She also develops and delivers paraprofessional modules, supporting coaches and managers with their knowledge and understanding of the primary PE curriculum to enhance the teaching of PE and the children’s learning within primary settings. 

Julie completed her Master's in 2008 with a focus on her own practice and ways to improve it. 

Her doctoral studies surround her desire to inspire others to reconceptualise their understanding of teaching and learning processes; exploring the development of a dialogical and relational epistemology where collaborative action generates reconceptualised theory. 

Her self-study action research enquiry continues to enhance her own practice and offers a reconceptualised view of educational practice which views teaching and learning `as a process of coming to an understanding’ (Gadamer 1992: 383).


Research profile

Papers presented:

  • CARN, November 2008 `How do I continue to improve my practice as I encourage others to become critical of their learning experiences?’ Symposium presented alongside colleagues from St Mary’s University.
  • AERA, April 2011 `Action Research for Teachers in Qatar: linking practice, theory and policy’. Paper presented with Professor Jean McNiff. 
  • BERA, September 2011 ‘How do I improve my practice by encouraging others to become critical of their learning experiences?’ Symposium presented alongside Maria James and Alex Sinclair.
  • CARN, November 2011 Paper 1: `Critical friends; our co-creative learning within higher education to improve our practices’: Symposium presented alongside Professor Jean McNiff and Alex Sinclair.  Paper 2 `Learning to learn as a teacher within teaching: A self study inquiry within Initial Teacher Education’: Julie Pearson.
  • AERA, April 2012 `Practicing Value and Virtue: Action Research for a Good Social Order’. Paper presented with Professor Jean McNiff and Peter McDonnell.
  • A National Network of Teacher-led Collaborative Research in TGfU, July 2012 Paper 1: `Highs and Lows of Implementing Teaching Games for Understanding in Primary Physical Education’. Paper presented with Julie Pearson, Kath Ezzeldin, Lynda Brown, Ami Shaw and Ani Nicholls.  Paper 2: `Stimulating teachers and coaches to engage in practice related research.’ Symposium presented with Dr Len Almond, Kath Ezzeldin and Michael Ayres.
  • BERA, September 2012:  Paper 1: `Seeing physical education from the sidelines; a new view of teaching and learning within my practice’: Julie Pearson.  Paper 2:`How do I improve my practice and develop a pedagogy of critique and improvement? An account of my changed practice and reconceptualised view of education’. Symposium presented alongside Professor Jean McNiff, Maria James, Jane Renowden and Alex Sinclair. 
  • AERA May 2013 Paper 1: Learning from learning as teachers teach: an account of a transformational pedagogy, modelling change from within: Julie Pearson. Paper 2: `Poverty and Richness of Stimulus and Response in Educational Research: Plato’s Problem and Orwell’s Problem’: Paper presented alongside Professor Jean McNiff and Peter McDonnell.


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