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Dr Lori Minini

Psychology Technician

About Research


Lori obtained a BSc in Psychology with Cognitive Science (1st Class Honours) and a PhD in Psychology from University College London. During her doctoral work Lori investigated the dorsal (visuomotor) and ventral (visuocognitive) visual systems with a variety of psychophysical techniques and grasping tasks. Lori completed her postdoctoral training in functional neuroimaging at the University of Oxford where she studied binocular integration mechanisms in visual cortex.

Before moving to St Mary’s in 2017 Lori was a lecturer at the University of Oxford where she taught research methods and statistics for the undergraduate Experimental Psychology programme. She also has experience in supervising PhD projects. At St Mary’s Lori has active collaborative research projects to investigate human perception and movement and she continues to teach research methods and statistics.


Lori’s research focuses on visual perception and visuomotor control. She uses optoelectronic and functional neuroimaging, including retinotopic mapping, to investigate visual processes in humans, in particular the parcellation of function in the visuomotor and visuocognitive systems.


  • PSY5001 – Research Methods and Statistics III
  • PSY5002 – Research Methods and Statistics IV


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