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Dr Mark Price

Associate Professor - Doctorate in Education

Dr Mark Price

About Research



Mark has worked as a playworker, teacher, youth worker, and psychotherapist before entering academia over 20 years ago.

Since joining the School of Education's Professional Doctorate in Education team in January 2021, Mark also continues in his role as an honorary fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

His research interests lie in the fields of narrative and participatory inquiry and autoethnography, exploring particular issues of agency, voice, border crossing, and boundary spanning.

Mark's teaching and supervision experience centres on qualitative inquiry, critical reflective practices, partnership working, professionality and inter-professionalism, transnational learning, and working with adolescents.


Areas of research supervision

  • Professional identity, agency and voice
  • Reflective and transformative learning practices
  • Higher education pedagogy and supervision
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Transnational learning
  • Young people and adolescence
  • Managing transition and change

Research profile


  • 2023 Mariaye, H. Price, M. and Ramasawmy, J.S. ‘Transition into Transnational Postgraduate Education: Reflections from Programme Facilitators’ in Samuel, M.S. and Mariaye, H. (eds) Transforming Postgraduate Education in Africa, Durban, SA: CSSAL.
  • 2023 Price, M. ‘Making The Dreamer: Cut-ups, Découpage and Narrative Assemblages of Interbeing and Becoming’ in Goode, J., Lumsden, K. and Bradford, J. (eds) Crafting Autoethnography Processes and Practices of Making Self and Culture, Abingdon: Routledge
  • 2023  Mariaye, H., Price, M., Ramasawmy, J.S., Melvin, M. and Mohabeer, T. ‘Narrative encounters of pedagogic partnership, and the development of collegial capital in higher education’, Journal of Professional Capital and Community 8(1), pp.17-29.
  • 2021  Martin, R. and Price, M. ‘Co-constructed transnational learning in postgraduate research supervision: exploring issues of power and trust’ African Perspectives of Research in Teaching and Learning, 5(1), pp. 158-165.
  • 2021  Holmstrom, C., Price, M. and Ravenhill, J. Working with Young Men: a report into issues faced by young men and experiences of working with services providing support to affect change. Better Brighton / Pebble Trust
  • 2021  Barnes, A., Mariaye, H., Melvin, J., Mohabeer, T., Price, M., Ramasawmy, J.S. and Sandhaya, G. Lockdown learning in postgraduate education research degrees: experience, learning and becoming. University of Brighton / Mauritius Institute of Education
  • 2020 Dunlop, M., Del Negro, G., De Munck, K., Gale, K., Mackay, S.M., Price, M., Sakellariadis, A., Soler, G., Speedy, J., Van Hove, G. ‘Something Happened in the Room: Conceptualizing Intersubjectivation’ International Review of Qualitative Research, [online]
  • 2020 Price, M. ‘Positioning, Principles, and Parrhesia: From Ranting to Activism’ International Review of Qualitative Research, [online]
  • 2019 Price, M. ‘From troops to teachers: changing careers and narrative identities’ Journal of Education for Teaching. 4(3), pp.335-347.
  • 2019 Price, M. ‘Becoming a Conscientious Objector: What Would My Dad Think’, International Review of Qualitative Research, 12(1), pp.70-76.
  • 2018 Price, M. ‘Youth Practitioner Professional Narratives: Changing Identities in Changing Times’ British Journal of Educational Studies 66 (1) pp.53-68
  • 2015 Price, M. ‘Becoming a Youth Practitioner: A Narrative Study of Personalized Constructions of Professionalism and Professional Identity Formation’ International Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Social and Community Studies, 10(2) pp.1-12
  • 2012 Edmond, N. and Price, M. (eds) Integrated Working with Children and Young People: Supporting Development from Birth to Nineteen, London: Sage
  • 2010 Price, M. You and Sex: teenage pregnancy and sexual health assessment and intervention framework Brighton: Brighton & Hove Children and Young People’s Trust
  • 2010 Price, M. and Cairns, T. ‘Developing inter-professional learning: evaluating boundary crossing in higher education’ in Wisker, G., Marshall, L., Edmond, N. and Greener, S. (eds) Partnerships: articles from the Learning and Teaching Conference 2010 Brighton: University of Brighton Centre for Learning and Teaching
  • 2009 Edmond, N. and Price, M. ‘Workforce Re-modelling and pastoral care in schools: a diversification of roles or a de-professionalisation of functions?’ Pastoral Care in Education 27(4) pp.301-311
  • 2007 Edmond, N., Hiller, Y, and Price, M. ‘Between a rock and a hard place: The role of HE and foundation degrees in workforce development’, Education and Training 49(3), pp.170-181
  • 2004 Barber, F., Blake, S., Hilton, R., King, L., Lynch, J., and Price, M. Sex and Relationships education in Pupil Referral Units: a practical guide, London: National Children’s Bureau

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