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Nasir Uddin

PhD student

Nasir Uddin

About Research


Nasir graduated from St Mary’s with a First-Class BSc (Hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning Science, followed by completing his MRes at St Mary’s, graduating with a Distinction. He has also completed a PGCert in Translational Neurology from the University of Edinburgh, and a Diploma in Education and Teaching.

His MRes project focused on the immuno-endocrine and perceptual responses to fight preparation camps in professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athletes. Following the completion of his MRes, Nasir embarked upon a PhD in February 2019 on a part-time basis whilst working with City & Islington college as a lecturer in sport & health sciences.


Research profile

PhD Title:

Corticospinal and Peripheral Modulations following Hypo-hydration and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries.

The focus of Nasir's PhD is analysing central and peripheral changes following hypo-hydration and traumatic brain injuries; two specific issues that are concurrently experienced by combat sport athletes.

The aim is to address the possible links between hydration status and risk of concussion, and the neurophysiological mechanisms that may underpin this.

This will also aim to inform the practices of combat athletes undergoing various rapid weight loss methods and it’s impact upon long-term health.

Nasir is also part of the sport and exercise physiology research cluster at St Mary's.


  • Dr Jamie Tallent
  • Dr Stephen Patterson
  • Dr Mark Waldron


  • Uddin, N., Tallent, J., & Waldron, M. (2020). Physiological and perceptual responses to a five-week pre-event taper in professional mixed martial arts athletes. The Journal of Sport and Exercise Science. Available here
  • Uddin, N., Jeffries, O., Read, P., Howe, L., Patterson, S., & Waldron, M. (2020). Physiological responses to linear and nonlinear soccer-specific match simulations and their effects on lower-limb muscle fatigue. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 34(11), 3232-3240. Available here

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