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Patrick Oxenham

Senior Lecturer in Performance Analysis

Patrick Oxenham

About Research



Patrick is a current senior lecturer in Performance Analysis and an academy analyst at Fulham Football Club. He obtained a BSc in Sports Science and Sports Psychology from Nottingham Trent University and an International MSc in Performance Analysis of Sport from three institutions (Nottingham Trent University, Otto-von-Guerike University, and the University of Valencia). He holds a Level 3 Scientific and Level 3 Applied Accreditation with the International Society of Performance Analysis in Sport. 

Patrick is the current founder of the University's performance analysis provision having developed and led on the BSc (two-year) Sports Performance Analysis & Talent ID and MSc Professional Development in Performance Analysis programmes. Before joining St Mary’s, Patrick taught performance analysis and sports coaching science at the University of Worcester and has undertaken an array of applied performance analysis work at Stoke City FC, Valencia CF, and Madgeburg FC. He has also acted as a data science consultant with Fulham Football Club. 

Patrick is currently undertaking a doctorate in Professional Practice in Data Science at the University of East London where his research is focusing on the use of machine learning techniques to support player development within a category one, Premier League Academy. 


Research profile

Research Papers

  • Hounsell, T Oxenham, P & Mulvenna, C (2021) The Great Balancing Act – The Art of Performance Analysis in Academy Soccer in England. Sport Performance and Science Reports, November (149), V1

Conference Presentations

  • Oxenham, P (2023) Using AI to Support Student Research Projects In: St Mary’s Festival of Learning and Teaching, 20th June 2023, St Mary’s University
  • Ayres, M & Oxenham, P (2023) What Personal Tutoring Can Learn from Player Development Approaches and Processes in Premier League Academies In: St Mary’s Festival of Learning and Teaching, 20th June 2023, St Mary’s University
  • Oxenham, P (2022) The Future of Data Analytics in Football In: Danish FA Pro License CPD, 14th July 2022, St Mary’s University
  • Mulvenna, C Hounsell, T., Oxenham, P, Howard, T & Gilham, M (2022) Pride and Prejudice in Applied Coach Behaviour – Developing a Tool For Use in Soccer Clubs. In: SAHPS Festival of Research, 24th May 2022, St Mary’s University.
  • Hounsell, T Oxenham, P & Mulvenna, C (2021). Examining the Role of the Performance Analyst in Youth Academy Soccer – Understanding Player and Coach Behaviour. In: SAHPS Festival of Research, 29th June 2021, St Mary’s University.
  • Oxenham, P (2021). Performance Analysis within Your Coaching Process: The Development of Pre, Live and Post Match Analysis. In: VTS Marathon, 4th March 2021, Sport Vlaanderen.
  • Ayres, M & Oxenham, P (2020). Adopting the Use of a Heutogogical Design Process in Supporting Students’ Assessment Process Using Online Technologies. In: St Mary’s Festival of Learning and Teaching, 24th June 2020, St Mary’s University.
  • Oxenham, P (2019) Applying Performance Analysis Within Your Coaching Environment. In: FA Women’s High Performance Centre Development Day, 21st November 2019, St Mary’s University.

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